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Swiss Navy Lube for the WIN

Let’s talk about lubes. One of my personal favorite is Swiss Navy Lube. I find it to be a better quality and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. There is a difference between natural, water based and silicone based lubes. Some are safe with toy use while other’s can’t go anywhere near a toy (with the exception of a glass toy, we will save that for another day.)

Natural and water based lubes are completely safe for toy use and typically do not cause any vaginal irritation. So what’s the down fall to using this? IT’S STICKY. Our skin is made up of water and absorbs any water. Imagine the friction from sex, after a while it’s going to eventually evaporate and you will need to apply more.

If you find this to be a problem, you should switch to a silicone lube.

Below, you can read about the different products, the pros and cons of each one and different ways to use them.  Need it shipped to your home? No Problem.

Swiss Navy Lube All Natural Water Based Lubricant (Green Label)

This one was actually very sleek considering that it is a natural lube. Usually a lot of “natural” lubes are so light that it absorbs entirely too fast making you feel the need to reapply in a short amount of time. This however, is very smooth. It’s not heavy at all. Anyone who has sensitivity issues will also appreciate that this lube is scent free, PH balanced, glycerin, paraben, and sugar free as well. It is also great for toy and condom use. It will not stain the bed or any fabric for that matter. Clean up after using this is very easy. A simple body safe-wipe or a shower with genital safe soap should do the trick. When I used this, I noticed that it was close to what my own actual vaginal wetness feels like. (Hence the “natural” right?) This lube is ideal to use for vaginal sex, masturbation, or in general for someone who has skin sensitivities.   

Swiss Navy Lube Water Based Lubricant (Blue Label)

When I use a water based lube, this is my go to choice. The regular water based lube is a bit heavier than the natural lube. (Heavier meaning you shouldn’t have to reapply it as often) It actually has vitamin E in it for even more smooth and sleek texture. When you pump it out of the bottle it is like a gel. That means it won’t run everywhere and will not make a mess. Again, anyone who has sensitivity issues will also appreciate that this lube is scent free, PH balanced, glycerin, paraben, and sugar free as well. It is also great for toy and condom use (with the exception of polyurethane condoms). Clean up is a breeze. There is no residue left over and actually leaves your skin feeling silky. The first time I used this, I was actually impressed with how sleek it stayed. Eventually I had to reapply, but not nearly as fast as other water based lubes I had used before. This lube is ideal to use for vaginal sex and masturbation.

Swiss Navy Lube Silicone Lubricant (Red Label)

Silicone lube is going to be the heaviest feeling lube because it is oil based. The manufacturer states that this will not stain and is easy to clean. I do love this product along with their other products, but I am going to have to call BS on that one. Silicone lube is oil. Oil is going to stain your sheets or any fabric for that matter. Clean up is not as easy as using the water based lube and is going to require a lot of soap and water. I do not recommend using this with a toy (with the exception of glass toys) and condom use.  

Now, I know that sounds like a lot of cons but there are actually a lot of pros to using this lube.

Anyone who has sensitivity issues will appreciate that even though this is a silicone lube, it is still scent free and PH balanced as well. It also has the highest grade of silicone available. (Aka it’s as smooth as butter) and contains vitamin E.

This is one of the best choices to use for anal sex. The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina and you need the silicone for it to stay sleek the entire time. Unlike the water based lube, this will run when you pump it out of the bottle. It is also great for sensual massages and water play. (Sex in the pool, hot tub, shower, any form of water.) Water play is great for this lube because being that it is silicone the water is not going to affect the sleekness or integrity of the lube. For sensual massages clean your wax warmer or Scentsy and apply a few pumps of the lube in your wax warmer along with some essential oil and you have your own personalized massage oil warmed up and ready to use. I, myself, can confirm that I hate cleaning up after using it, BUT, it is very worthwhile in the moment. You want everything to be slippery like it should.

Overall, this lube should ideally be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, massages, water play, and masturbation.

Stay sleek my friends!    

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