Most customers don’t realize just how much they can help us add to our success and let others know about LoveWorks.  Chances are you found out about LoveWorks from a friend or acquaintance and decided to visit a store and see for yourself.

We struggle to promote the store and the services we offer, as we are prohibited from advertising and marketing in some of the same ways that a restaurant or clothing boutique can.  But you can help us overcome this negativity.

If you have shopped with LoveWorks and have had a good experience, please share your opinion through Google Reviews. 

Lake Charles Google Review

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Are you on social media?  Mention the LoveWorks Lingerie and Gift Store and suggest to your followers that they visit us.

We really do need your help, and sometimes begging is the only way.  We have been in business for over three DECADES, but every day of the week, someone enters the store and says “I’ve never been here before”.  That means we have so much work to do to continue to promote LoveWorks as a friendly, knowledgeable store where every visitor will feel comfortable.

Of course, if you have not had an outstanding experience, please talk to us and let us make it right.  You can contact us by the LIVE CHAT on this site, call us on the telephone, send an email through our CONTACT US form on this site … or use the old-fashioned way of dropping in and talking to us in person!

Anything you are willing to do to help us is greatly appreciated!!  Thank you.