Water Based Lube vs Silicone Lube

water based and silicone lubes


The question staff hear a gazillion times is “Should I buy a silicone lube or a water based lube”?  Although we are all happy to answer the question and talk about the differences, we can’t answer it in five words or less.  It takes a little more detail to explain the differences between the lubes.

In addition, each staff member will have a preference based on personal experience and will always push toward a product that he or she is familiar with.

First of all, WATER BASED LUBE:

Water based lube are the most common lube type on the market.  It has been around the longest, has more brands of product available, is easy to clean up, doesn’t stain your sheets or towels (usually!), and provided you buy a decent quality product, will be all natural.

It can be used with all condoms and with all toys, as both are fully compatible with water based lube.  It can be used anally or vaginally.  And it is quite PURE in most cases.  It does “wear out” meaning that you must re-apply if your sexual proclivities take longer than average (Your so lucky!).

My preference for suggesting water based lube is SWISS NAVY.  I think it has an inbetween thickness which I really like; and it maintains a nice level of wetness.  I don’t use multiple types of lube — I use Swiss Navy water based lube for sexual intercourse and for masturbation using a Fleshlight.

Prior to Swiss Navy, I used Gun Oil; and Astroglide before that.  Gun Oil is slightly thinner, and is a good product, but I don’t like it as much as Swiss Navy.  Astroglide is no longer a suggested product due to its mass marketing and lack of improvements.

Silicone is made from a chemical that can appear in many different forms, from rubbers, solids, and oils.  Silicone lube has a silky feel, and stays behind on the skin to leave the skin smooth and moist.  It takes only a very small amount of silicone, because the concentrated product goes a long way.  

Silicone lube does not easily wash away, meaning you can use it in the shower without losing the moisture or lubricated feeling.  

It is NOT easy to clean up, and some will stain or mark your sheets.  When you wipe the lube off your hands, the slippery feeling does not go away.  

One of my staff members tells customers the following analogy:  “Don’t use very much otherwise it will be like throwing a hot dog down a long hall”.  And she is right — silicone doesn’t “wear out” and does not need to be re-applied.

Silicone is also safe vaginally and anally, and with condoms of course.  It is NOT recommended to use silicone lube with toys of any kind.  

My preference for suggestion a silicone lube is SWISS NAVY (no surprise there!).  I like the Swiss Navy line of products and tend to stay with it when I suggest anything.  I almost never use a silicone lube, but I have given the gift of PINK because it comes in a very nice discreet glass bottle that a woman will feel comfortable leaving on her night stand.  The JO line of lubes is also a popular seller in our stores.
And finally, I want to talk about OIL:

Oil is a NO GO! Products like Baby Oil, Vaseline, and Mazola, should not be used for sexual activity.  I was watching a porn movie the other day and noticed that the performer was using Vaseline to lube his penis for intercourse.  It is sticky, messy, breaks down condoms — and it stays IN the vagina after use!

We found a website PROMOTING Vaseline as a “back-up” if you run out of your favorite lube!  NO!!  They link to selling Vaseline and couldn’t care less about the safety issues or potential infections you could obtain because of the sticky Vaseline staying inside your vagina or anus.

Once again, Vaseline is NOT a lube, is not smooth and can cause PH problems and possible infections.  Please, do not use Vaseline, Baby Oil or kitchen oils for sex.  Please … we beg you!

And finally, choose the right product.  Remember, it is going INSIDE parts of your body.  Do you really want to use the wrong lube?

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