“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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We are looking for writers who want a place to call home.  This particular “home” allows you to explore topics that are not encouraged by many mainstream sites.  On the other hand, we have standards and do not accept stories about cats, dogs or how to make the latest Matcha tea!  As Usher sings, “that just ain’t me”.

  1. Submit a draft of your article.  It takes a few days for us to look through them.
  2. 500 words and less to start.

Do you have something to say on one of these topics?

  • Relationships
  • “How-to” and Improvements in your intimate life
  • Sexual Health
  • Sex in the News
  • Opinion pieces that have an adult theme

For example, opinion pieces that have been published on LoveWorks® have been about …

There is so much more.  Our industry has been regulated and declared as illegal in some area (thanks to some politicians).  There are stories of people going to jail for possession of sex toys.  Any up-and-coming law students out there?

We are open to ideas.  Would writing about taboo or naughty topics set you free?  Try!