Not everyone CAN — or WANT to — work in an adult store. It is unique and requires hours and hours of training to learn the products and how to assist customers with the most intimate information. A LoveWorks team member is a special person that can soak up knowledge like a sponge and can maintain a professional composure regardless of the story they are being told or the question they are being asked.

LoveWorks is known for knowledgeable employees. It is true that our team members spend their first two weeks in training, taking tests each day to confirm what they have learned. But learning doesn’t stop there. After those two weeks, the REAL training starts, getting to know as many of the 5000 items as possible in a store.

To give you an example of the person we seek, this is the ad we usually run.


Job description

LoveWorks – The Store for Lovers since has openings for a customer service specialist.

APPLY IN PERSON ONLY.This is a part-time position that can become full-time for the right person and right attitude.

We hire on ATTITUDE – and 1 year experience in a retail environment. You must be comfortable with the products we sell and the topic of human sexuality.

You must have availability on weekend nights until 11pm.

We need a person who is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, and can keep smiling while they give 100%. 


If you are open minded, inquisitive, and able to learn, we will open your eyes to a world of products. The majority of our customers are women and couples.

We are open 7 days per week, 10-9pm during the week, and 10-11pm weekends. YOU MUST HAVE OPEN AVAILABILITY AND BE WILLING TO WORK ANY DAYS AND HOURS WE ARE OPEN .

The duties of the position include :

* greet customers in a timely, friendly and caring manner.

* Initiate conversations with customers to provide honest direction and feedback on our products. Our products are very unique – and you must feel comfortable talking about almost anything!

* Work as a team player, for the benefit of the customer

* Operate a register, count cash and make change.

* Clean and wipe counters, dust, mop and vacuum. Maintain an organized work area.

* Show up on time! Leave your drama at the door. 🙂

* Be a self-starter and be capable of working without direct supervision.

REQUIREMENTS:- Retail sales experience is preferred.

– A positive, friendly and outgoing attitude are necessary.

– Ability to stand and be active for 5+ hours per day. This is an ACTIVE position, it is not a “chill job”. Our shifts vary from 4-8 hours per day.

– Weekends and Evenings are required, and you MUST be over 18.

You will be amazed at how much you will learn while having Fun!

Huge in-store discount

Weekly sales bonus equal to $1+ per hour

Flexible scheduling

A friendly DRAMA-FREE work atmosphere.

Our dress code is “store-casual”, with clean jeans, and (closed-toe) tennis shoes being acceptable.

You can find a job anywhere. Why not work in a fun environment, selling a product that makes people smile, at a company that appreciates your effort. You HAVE a choice.