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I am a huge fan of toys and everything they bring into a relationship, (or just by myself!), and always have been. The best part of working for Love Works is that my collection and knowledge of toys is only growing.  I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy being part of the editorial staff, but once I started writing, I found that I loved it!!  I knew that I loved talking about toys and better sex, but getting to write it down made it more interesting — knowing that people all over the world would be reading my reviews and tips!
My favorite thing to do is find alternate ways to use a toy, other than what is on the packaging.

I have always said that masturbation and toy use is healthy for you. There is nothing wrong with using a toy whether it is alone, with your significant other, or with multiple people. Let’s be real, a hand gets boring after a while! Not many people know what great toys are actually out there, and I want to bring that to the surface. You know how they say “you learn something new every day”… in this industry, it is beyond true. When I was asked if I wanted to be a part of the LoveWorks editorial staff, I was thrilled! I love learning new things and I love educating people.
Why not do the same with sex toys? After all, everyone has a little devil in them. 😈

The owner of the company;  aka: “the boss”, “boss man” and “him”, as well as a dozen or so expletive-laden versions said behind my back!

In the adult store business 25+ years after founding LoveWorks in 1991.  Still amazed at the changes in the industry from type and designs of toys to overall toy acceptance.  And thoroughly disappointed that Walgreen’s sells sex toys; they should stick to what they know — let’s face it, we don’t sell penicillin!  Why should they sell “romance items”?

After 19 years of writing media releases for a major tele-evangelical church in North Houston, Aunt Helen finally decided to explore her creative abilities (and use her Bachelor’s degree for something else)!  Ok, so she is not really our Aunt, but we have known her so long that she may as well be our blood.

She brings a unique perspective to the writing team at LoveWorks, especially as she begins to explore her writing freedom.  Truly creative people like to write about sex!!  We love her style of writing, so we “ain’t telling nothing to nobody!”

“If you see me at HEB, please don’t tell me you read me!”

Hello to all!  My name is Christianne and I asked to write for LoveWorks Magazine.  My full time job is very rewarding but doesn’t give me a lot of time to enjoy writing for fun. I will only be able to contribute occasionally but I hope you enjoy my style.

You may not always agree with my point of view, but I hope you will continue to read and respect what I say simply as another person’s opinion.  I’m happy to read your opinions on what I say; at the bottom of my posts are a comment box that I hope you will use. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me.  

PS: Please don’t tell me I remind you of “her”.

My normal writing activities are for the suit-and-tie and financial world, and even though I enjoy what I do, I tend to have brain farts from time-to-time and get stuck in my writing and unable to say what I want.

So I write about SEX!  I am not able to contribute articles often but will whenever I need to have some “sex therapy”!

So it is “sex to the rescue” for me.  I hope you enjoy my writing style and my take on life.  And by the way, just like Dr Seuss, I also write porn!  Just search for “Billionaire Affair: Volume I: The New Assistant” which can be downloaded to your reader (shameless plug!!).

sex toy tester and reviewer
Taking one for the team

Our anonymous writers, sex toy reviewers and guest writers choose not to be identified by name. We compensate them for their stories and reviews with direct payments and store credits.

We enjoy our relationship with the anonymous guest writers because we find they tend to push the limits, and write directly on the edge of what is accepted in society. They tend to push harder because they do not have to answer to their family and friends for what they have written.

Their writings make LoveWorks more interesting and allow us to include more stimulating topics.

The sex toy tester program is currently paused while we craft better guidelines on the writing of reviews. In 2019 alone, over 1000 people submitted a request to test products. If you think we should allow an exception for you, send us a complete toy review (or email it to us) of any toy you own. If we think it is as good as you say, we will make an immediate exception for you.

Previous Contributors

“My thirst for knowledge supersedes all other worldly desires.”   When I was hired at LoveWorks, I was blown away by how much more there was to this industry than just “dildos and porn”.  When I joined the editorial staff, I knew that “writing” what I had been saying to customers was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it!

My mission is to help remove the stigma surrounding sex and self-sexual awareness. I want my customers to leave feeling comfortable and more importantly, confident.

[Sadly, Madame Red has moved on from LoveWorks, and is no longer writing for us. We wish her the best]