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rampant rabbit names

Choose A Name For Your Rampant Rabbit

Rampant means wild, out of control, exhilirating, to be up on your hind legs roaring at the world. 

Doesn’t that describe your little rabbit friend perfectly?  Quiet and meek until you give him permission to roar.  And then he goes out of control, shaking, twisting, jumping up and down just for you.   When you choose a name for your rampant rabbit, you must be sure that you pick a name that you can feel comfortable saying. [..]

penelope pitstop pussycat compact

Why Did Penelope Pitstop Need A Vibrator In Her Car?

Why Did Penelope Pitstop Need A Vibrator In Her Car? It was a question I didn’t know to ask when I was a kid and watching Penelope Pitstop driving her pussycat compact.  But among her driving “tools” was the VIBRATOR clearly marked on the dash-board-giant-geer-shift-thing!

As an adult watching the cartoon, you wonder why any writer included a VIBRATOR? [..]

rabbit pet vibrator purple

Why People Love To Own A Pet Rabbit Vibrator

People who own a pet rabbit vibrator are never shy about sharing what they love. Most of the reason to love a rabbit are based on their fun personalities.

A pet rabbit vibrator has a very unique set of personality traits.  They can exhibit the prowess of a dildo, the sophistication of a g-spot toy, and the simplicity of a bullet. [..]

Sex and Gambling - Two Addictions Intertwined

Sex and Gambling – Two Intertwined Addictions

Sex and Gambling are more linked than most people understand. They are both pleasurable pursuits and highly addicting in their grip on us.

Some have even gone so far as to prefer gambling over sex, as gambling provides constant up and down peaks of excitement and sadness.