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3 Best Bullet Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation: Sensuelle, XLR8, and the All-Mighty Bullet Vibe

3 Best Bullet Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

Bullet vibrators are smaller than other vibrating toys and are designed for direct clitoral stimulation. The best bullet vibrators, also called mini-vibrators and egg vibrators, and are small enough to be carried with you anywhere. They are perfect for a purse or a pocket.

The best bullet vibrators are quiet but have a vibrator strong enough to pack a punch.

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5 Signs Your Partner is Selfish In Bed

5 Signs Your Partner Is Selfish In Bed

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be both pleasurable and fulfilling for both people. “Fulfilling” is a nice way of saying both partners should have an orgasm.

Unfortunately, it is not always like that, in either new or old relationships. You get together, are having a great time, and then before you realize all the good things, your partner is rolling off of you. Your partner is SELFISH IN BED.

PT Barnum: Hugh Jackman in the Greatest Showman

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Not-So-Nice PT Barnum

The creative and crazy genius behind several famous hoaxes and the Barnum & Bailey Circus was Phineas Taylor Barnum. His biography, however, is full of exciting stories that go beyond those well-known attributes–such as the fact that he did not establish a circus until later in life. Instead,

Barnum was a racist and misogynist — not the nice guy portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

At LoveWorks Adult Store, we talk about sex.

LoveWorks — We Love to Talk About Sex!

At LoveWorks, we are one of the few companies in the retail world where masturbation and sexual intercourse are discussed daily. We get to talk about sex!

Our intensive employee training teaches team members about everything from sexual problems, to relationship issues, as well as to the need for our customers to be able to share their feelings, emotion and confusion with someone who won’t make judgments.

Subaru and the unofficial Subaru Lesbians

Subaru: Strong Company Actively Pursuing LGBTQ Drivers

Subaru can be divisive company, mainly if you live with someone from the Big Three who has a “no foreign cars” bumper sticker. As long as you’re not trying to park in a UAW parking lot, the cars do the job just fine. They’ve got another reason to be proud of their company position, however.

But Subaru has its loyal following which have been nicknamed affectionately the “Subaru Lesbians”.