Our Best Lube – According To A Man! Fleshlube First

Swiss Navy, Gun Oil and other water based lubes

Lube – Love It, Live It, Use It!  Ok, so maybe you don’t NEED a lube.  Maybe your vagina is always drippy and primed, and your hand is good enough to do the job, or your butt has its own squirting function (!), but if you’re like a lot of people these conditions may not always exist.

In order to thoroughly trial these products I will use them variously for masturbation, sexual intercourse, anal toys, and anal intercourse.  I have the best job in the world.

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Is Fuck Water Lube The Best Lubricant?

Fuck water -- water based lube with the bad name

The next product we tried on our search for the best lubricant, was Fuck Water Lube.  What a great name!  Fuck Water lube came in a 4.05 (?) fl. oz bottle.  The bottle is definitely eye catching and has attractive labeling.  

My wife didn’t agree, but I like the up-front-ness about it [..]

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Silicone Lube: Gun Oil – The Best Anal Lube

best lube anal lube gun oil silicone lube

The last of the lubes, a vaginal and anal lube, was from Gun Oil, and was a silicone lube.   This is another very well know name in adult sex lubes.  Made in the USA by Empowered Products.   Check out their webpage – it’s interesting.  The lube comes in different size bottles; this is the 2 fl. oz. bottle.  This […]

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