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LoveWorks Sponsorships May 2016:
“LoveWorks CarShow” (internet archive link dead)

Press Release Feb 2016:
“LoveWorks – Celebrating 25 Years of Sex Toys Sales”

Press Release Mar 2017:
“National Guy’s Valentine’s Day”

In The News April 2017
“LoveWorks – The Fun Lingerie Store!”

Internet Mentions in 2020 about Guy’s Valentine’s Day
OnlinePeaks, BuzzFeed, DailyStrength, SlashDot, VK, Bokee, TED, OverBlog, BlogLovin, Daily Gram, Diigo, Launchora, Womenalia, Yahoo

LoveWorks fight to remain open during Covid (Yahoo) March 2020
LoveWorks’ Seeks Business Act Exemption In A Bid To Continue Providing FDA Listed Medical Devices To Louisiana
Full Text of Appeal to Governor is here