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Sex Pheromones: Pure Instinct Perfume and Cologne

Let’s talk Sex Pheromones.

Sex pheromones are like hormones, but others can sense them. Especially the sense of sexual attraction, or people just generally being more pleasant to you.  Pure Instinct makes a few pheromone perfume products that are pheromone infused, and help make your sex pheromones more noticeable to others.

What is that purple thing in the picture?

Are you a believer?

Not everyone is a believer, but Pure Instinct is doing something right to have been in business for over 20 years.

Pure instinct sex pheromones uses a blend of scents like Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon, honey, and white musk in their perfume and cologne products for a gender neutral product. The most interesting thing is that their scents smell different on each person, just like regular perfume does.

They blend with the skin’s PH to make a unique scent. For me, it comes off smelling very citrus. (Also my favorite scent.) Others pick up more of the musk scent or honey scent. I haven’t actually noticed or had anyone tell me about noticing the smell of cinnamon.

There are three Pure Instinct Sex Pheromones that I carry in the store:

Pure Instinct Massage Lotion

The Pure Instinct Pheromones Massage Lotion: a thick, creamy, moisturizing lotion, with sweet almond oil, and vitamin B5. It can be used daily for skin moisturizing or for an actual massage.

It is thick, but doesn’t feel heavy at all. I started carrying it after a few customers came in requesting it often. I already used another product, so I tried this one. It was a win in my book.

Perfect for requesting a simple shoulder massage from your partner, that makes them want you, and turns into a lot more than just a basic shoulder massage. Some massage therapists use it in hopes of it encouraging a bigger tip from the client.

Pure Instinct Pheromones Roll On

The Pure Instinct Pheromones Fragrance Oil Roll On: comes as a roll on applicator, and is directed to be applied to your pulse points. This is the one I use the most, and I love it. I apply a little on my neck, sort of behind my ears, and my wrists. I keep one in my make-up bag, and apply it while getting ready. I usually apply it before going out for the night as well.

Maybe it just makes me feel more confident, but I do notice people being more-friendly towards me when I wear it as opposed to when I do not.

Pure Instinct Body Spray

The Pure Instinct Pheromones Body Spray: super light, with added jojoba and vitamin E. You can use this one like any other body spray, just a light mist around you. But you can also use it to spray your sheets, and have a nice, discrete way to set the mood for the night.

Try it. The only way to know if it works for you

I am not saying that it works for everyone, but I am saying that everyone should give it a try. I was so skeptical, and I started using it as an experiment. I really wanted to not believe it made a difference in how people reacted or responded to me, but I noticed a difference.

That experiment turned into a make-up bag must have for eight years now! I believe in the power of Pure Instinct Pheromones.

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