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Coochy Cream – One Use And You Are Hooked

I am surprised to see the reaction on the faces of my friends when I mention Coochy Cream (older bottles of the product list the name as “Coochy Crème”).  They react like they have never heard of anything with such a name … and it shocks me.  All I can think of is HOW you can possibly NOT know about Coochy Cream.  It is a must have.

Coochy Cream (aka Coochy Creme) is AMAZING!

Yes, I know that few things in life really are “must haves”, because life is different for everyone.  But if you shave ANYWHERE on your body, then you nothing will give you a smoother shave than Coochy Cream.  NOTHING.  No product from Walmart or Ulta or any of your favorite “fancy” body lotion stores. 

Like I said, my friends didn’t know what the product was, but once they tried it, they understood why I was harping the product so much.  I even searched the internet looking for BAD or NEGATIVE REVIEWS I couldn’t find any!  That says a lot about a product.

Coochy Cream, weird name and all, is a water-based shave cream that is really a thick cream!  It feels and looks like it has the thickness and consistency of hair conditioner.  As a side note, I read about other people using CC as a hair conditioner, but I never have.

Did you know that some shaving foams and creams have alcohol in them?  The last thing you want around your sensitive vajayjay is alcohol.  My labia has a strict “no alcohol allowed” policy.  Coochy cream has NEVER had any type of alcohol products as part of its formulation.

Many wonderful smelling scents to choose

This shave cream smells “heavenly”.  Unfortunately, I waited so long to write this review that my favorite scent has been discontinued.  But it doesn’t really matter as all of the scents are “heavenly”.   

Other scents include “original” (which most men will approve of), “Island Paradise”, “Frosted Cake”, “Coastal Haven” and “Floral Haze”. 

The names don’t describe how they will really smell – you must go into the LoveWorks store in Lake Charles or LoveWorks store in Houston to discover the scene you like the most.

I am including a picture of the old bottle, just in case you might have seen it before but didn’t know what it was; along with the new and bright easy-to-squeeze bottle.

Coochy Cream was created to solve problems associated with the shaving of the genitals.  Basically, it moisturizes and softens the pubic hair to make shaving easier and more comfortable.  I can’t get a smoother, nicer shave with ANY other product, and yes, I have tried many before I found Coochy Cream.  I always want my vajayjay smooth so finding this shave cream was a godsend.

A little goes a long way …

It doesn’t take much, although using more makes the razor slide even easier.  I prefer to apply it before I get my body wet, gently rub it in and around, and then rinse the shaver and go to town.  Others want their pubic area very wet before they apply the cream.  To each his own.  In my crazy opinion, having your pubic area too wet dilutes the strength of the cream.

After use, I have no “bumps” or “shave-bumps” or whatever you call those things than pop when the skin gets aggravated.  There are no ingrown hairs, no nicks, no cuts, nothing to interfere with my smooth vajayjay.

Use it often. You will love it.

Coochy Cream is available from your favorite adult store near me

I also prefer to use it daily, which I never wanted to do with other shave creams. 

It is an amazing shaving cream.  Oh, wait.  I said that already.  But it’s true. I use it for my legs, my underarms (which I detest having to shave).  My partner uses it on his face, although he did ask me to buy the Original/Unscented version next time, as he thinks his face smells a little too girly! 

Yeah, it might smell girly, but the part he doesn’t want to admit is he gets a better and smoother shave with this than anything he has ever bought.  Take that Gillette and Barbasol and of course, Walmart’s own “Equate”!

There is one part of this story you do not know — and that is that my partner is of mixed heritage, and has that thick African hair trait.  The thicker the hair, the more uncomfortable the shave.  Not with Coochy Cream.  He was pleasantly surprised at how nicely it felt to shave using this cream.

True Fact: moisture makes hair easier to cut.

Because of his hair thickness, he decided to apply the cream to his face, and allow it to sit there and soften the hair to be shaved.  “Moist” and softened hair, by the way, requires less force to cut.  He shaved, washed his face, and then felt his skin.  Smooth and moisturized.  The manly side of him just nodded, but secretly I knew, he liked it.

Coochy Cream is not a gel, or foam or anything like the shave products you see in most “health and beauty aids” departments.  It is a cream and doesn’t run away from where you applied it; and there are no chunks dripping off or trying to slither away.  You put it on, and it stays there. 

The literature that accompanies Coochy Cream states that the hair you are going to shave needs to be “hydrated”  and “lubricated” to reduce any friction between the shaver and your skin.  Coochy Cream kind of puts a small protective layer on your body to protect it from the shaver being dragged across.  Finally, all of this combined is soothing and refreshing, allowing you to feel better after your shave.

Selection of Scents of Coochy Cream
You are guaranteed to find a scent you love!

My partner told me that with a foam, he was constantly re-applying in order to get the best shave.  With this cream, he applied once and once was all he needed. There are no “stars” for me to check off here, but if there were, I would give Coochy Cream a “5 out of 5”. 

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