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Abstinence Is Bad For Sexual Health

Do you have any idea how sexual abstinence damages your health and feelings of happiness?

Doctors inform us that sexual abstinence can damage the physical and psychic well-being of women and men.  But there are ways you can avoid the damaging side effects of abstinence with or without a sexual partner.

How does sexual abstinence damage my well-being?

Perhaps you are grieving the loss of an intimate partner, or a loss of sexual intimacy with a partner.  Grieving takes an enormous toll in your overall well-being.  When your thoughts turn to loss and disease, you lose the health benefits of feeling love and gratitude — which are our two “treating” emotions.

You might feel content by yourself with no sexual partner, yet the lack of sexual activity takes a cost from you in the form of your well-being.

Women and men who abstain from sex for extended periods can develop difficulties with sexual function. 

Guys may experience problems with erection and ejaculation.  Testosterone amounts may drop and cause a decrease in sexual desire or “want”.

Girls may suffer a reduction of arousal, vaginal lubrication and an inability to “finish” or reach orgasm.  “Finish” is actually a word we try not to use because it implies that having an “orgasm” indicates the end of sexual activity and that is not the case.  Estrogen amounts may also drop and bad blood cholesterol may increase.

Luckily these unhappy conditions can be reversed to normal simply by resuming your sexual activity.  

It is true – men and women who abstain from sex miss out on the healing ability of sexual activity.

  • Control and manage stress more easily
  • Better repair of cells and regeneration of old blood cells
  • Increased sex increases the hormones which control “mood”.  More sex = More mood
  • More sex generates better blood flow to the brain, which helps improve memory
  • Sex makes you healthier with a stronger immune system and an increased ability to fight illness
  • Less body fat and a more elastic, younger appearing skin from the HGH generated during sex
  • More sex means a longer life

Even if you do not have a sexual partner at the moment, there are way for you to get these sex benefits.

  • Masturbation generates many of the same benefits of other sexual activity.  What a great excuse to masturbate!  Think back to the medical journals of the late 1800s and early 1900s where Doctors told their patients that masturbation was bad!  And we believed them!
  • Men usually do not have any issues masturbating, even when they are in a relationship and have other sexual outlets.
  • Women however, tend to avoid masturbation even if they are not in a relationship.  Unfortunately some religions still view masturbation as a sin and try to discourage it.

Besides masturbation, sexual investigators and researchers have discovered that sex toys can be used to add to their sexual health and sexual wellness.  Sex Toys (including masturbator sleeves, sex dolls, vibrators, and dildos) are all safe to use as tools for “sexual discharge”.

Sex Toys are different than casual sex – as they toys do not come with the risks of “sleeping around” such as STDs or STIs.  Sex Toys add to the sexual variety that is needed in our lives to reap the benefit of sexual activity.

And sex toys can be added to your sexual life shared with your partner to increase satisfaction and decrease   performance anxiety, while allowing both to share in the benefits of sexual climax.  Sex makes you age happier and provides a more fulfilling life.

Yes, more sex = happier, healthier, longer life.  Sexual intercourse brings about the most intense benefits for a man, but masturbation is a fine substitute.  Remember, sexual intercourse brings the closeness and emotional attachment missing in masturbation, which is another benefit to living a long and healthy life!

When all else fails, MASTURBATE!  In the USA, May is considered “Masturbation Month” in the adult segment, while Australians and Britains celebrate “National Masturbation Day” on May 28 of each year.

Don’t take our word for it … take a look at these media outlets that believe MASTURBATION is good for you!




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Cosmopolitan Magazine (Cosmo)

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