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Sex Dreams – We Reveal What They Mean!

The smart unhooking of the bra, the ruffling of hair, the dress tugging and hot kissing, the passion; these are what sex dreams are made of. We’ve all found ourselves drowning in the passion before only to wake up from our sex dreams and ponder. Ponder no more friend, we have the explanation you seek.

Sex dream 1: Being cheated on

Chances are you’ve had a dream where your loved one is cheating on your and it hurt so bad you woke with murder on your mind. But before you strangle him/her with that pillow, having a dream about cheating rarely means that it is true. This is often as a result of feelings of emotional abandonment, according to Gillian Holloway, a dream analyst. For instance, say your partner starts to work longer than usual, you’d start to feel you are being cheated out of, in this case, time. Phew! Drop the pillow…

Sex dream 2: Sex with someone unexpected

A best friend, your assistant, the delivery man, the weird next apartment neighbour, a relative? Very awkward! If you find yourself dreaming about sex with someone you’d never have thought of in that way before, it doesn’t mean that you have deep sexual desires to have sex with them. Having dreams with people you’d never have thought of in that way before means that you admire a quality in them that you’d rather have in you, according to Patricia Garfield, dream analyst.

Sex dream 3: Sex with an ex

Dreaming of sex with an ex usually feels very awkward especially if you have moved on and you are now with a new partner. You don’t need to feel guilty and call your new partner for a confession if you have these dreams. Sex dreams about yourself usually result from thoughts of comparison you have about your new partner, weighing up the pros and cons, to see if you moved on to better. If you’ve not moved on yet, not in a new relationship, then, chances are you have unsettled business with your ex.

Sex dream 4: Lesbian dreams

Intimacy with same-sex is more common with the women although heterosexual men also experience it. The women face this more than men due to the need for sensitivity. The women are connected with catering, getting intimate with a female in a dream indicates your need to be cared for and your need for someone to be sensitive about your feelings. When gay men have dreams about sleeping with females, it’s because of same desire for female sensitivity.

Sex dream 5: I did not see his or her face

It’s very common to make out with a faceless lover. No matter how much we try, we can’t remember of place it. Who is this mysterious lover? This is a question that troubles us, and one we may never come to answer, but we will like to know why they’ve come, what the dreams mean. Sex with our mysterious mostly hot lover, according to Ian Wallace, dream psychologist, means that the universe is urging us to unveil our hidden talents. Interesting, yeah? Poet? Undercover detective? Artist? Secret powers?

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