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College Students Wanted to Write About Sex

Why is it so difficult to reach college students that want part time income? Or just enough money for the weekend to go drinking. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I KNOW there are some college students out there that want a few extra bucks. I know there are students who can write about sex.

When I was in college, everyone pouted and said “I wish I could find something easy to do and make some beer money without taking a job in fast food”. Give ME a chance to sit in my dorm room in my underwear, with my favorite tunes playing, and write about sex. Yeah, it would have taken me even longer to graduate college.

When you search for “college student jobs”, you find ridiculous claims about “write articles from home and make $28.80 per hour and more!”. Then you click through to the linked article and can’t find ANY mention of the money you will earn. It is click bait. And it worked.

I’m looking for deranged college students that can write!

I know there are deranged college students out there that have the gift of writing; whose fingers can tickle the keys of the keyboard so well that readers get goose bumps and blush. I know this because these people exist everywhere. Someone knows someone that is an incredible writer; and can tell a mesmerizing story.

They are in school – where everything in their lives is likely paid for (with the exception of their social activities) — and that is where I come in. I want to find these key-“boarders“. I have a great “park” for them to play in.

But I can’t reach them.

Here at LoveWorks DotCom, we write about sex; if a story line has even the slightest tie to sex, then it gets put on the list. I have even stretched that rule so far that I wrote about a WordPress plugin because I use it to manage a “sexual oriented” website. Trust me, I stretched that one as far as I could.

Yes, we pay real money.

Chances are — every college student has a paypal account so that we could send payment. Even if they didn’t, there are other ways (not as convenient) we can deliver payments.

college students write about sex and get paid while sitting in their underwear.
Is this what you want?

Payments … you aren’t going to get rich writing. At least not writing for us. You aren’t going to make “28.80 per hour” as the click bait tells you. But they aren’t going to let you write about sex.

Depending on what you write, the quality, and the length, you are going to make $5-20 per article. That may not sound like much, but consider what you have in it — 30 minutes to 3 hours of your time; you didn’t drive anywhere; nor did you need to listen to anyone tell you what to do.

Build up your experience writing for us and you might be able to land one of the better paying writing gigs. But they don’t take beginners. We do.

Plus, while writing for us — you weren’t forced to listen to people complain about how the burrito was made incorrectly. You didn’t need to put on a hair net or a hat. You didn’t even need to put on clothes — provided you are in a private space of course. We can’t be responsible if you walked to the library in the buff. That is on you!

Imagine — you are studying “The chemical composition of plastic shopping bags” and realize you need a break. You switch to your writing program (most likely WORD, hint-hint) where you had previously created a topic sentence of a story you wanted to write.

Anything sex.

For the next 30 minutes, you turn your mind from chemistry to the relaxing, entertaining, and theraputic topic of “anything sex”.

college students write about sex while sitting in their underwear in the dorm room
Or is this what you want?

This doesn’t only apply to college students. Anyone who likes to write about subjects that they usually don’t get to talk about is welcome to hit us up.

That is what makes this opportunity so fantastic. Almost ANY TOPIC RELATING TO SEX in a positive way is game on (provided of course, it isn’t hateful; considered bullying, etc. Those are negatively-focused articles and we don’t want that).

To us, sex is positive, fun, entertaining and sometimes embarrassing or humorous. Sometimes more humorous than we want it to be.

Trans students (put your beer down, that doesn’t mean foreign exchange students) would probably have the most to say about their lifetime of experiences and the issues regarding their sexuality. Chances are they have so much to say that would enlighten others. We welcome you to blow out your life on paper for others to read — and hopefully have a better understanding of your journey.

I love TikTok.

TikTok is full of trans posters, but making contact and talking about writing hasn’t been easy. However Tiktok is truly a treasure trove of stories waiting to be told.

Yes, I am on TikTok at @loveworksdotcom. But don’t go looking for videos. I’m too ugly for that.

The same holds true with Bi and Gay students — especially those who are “not out”. The frustrations you have and the things you do to keep people from figuring you out – while trying to have relationships on the down low.

Pee Wee Herman was a writer.  He learned to share his thought on paper, then on screen.
Pee Wee Herman was a writer. 🙂

Guys, the emotions you have and the struggles you face while sitting across from your girlfriend at Starbucks, setting up dates through Grindr on your phone. Think of the Grindr experiences you could share — from the people you meet who have catfished you to stupid things people say and ask on these dating apps.

I guess I should include “pan sexual” students as well — although since I am old, I lump pan and bi into one group. Are you pan? Did I set you off by putting you in the same category as Bi? Good! Now write about it.

The first thing people tell me when I start talking about writing is “I don’t like to write”. But they are usually confused about the difference between writing for fun and writing for Calculus 101, or the history of the tire (yes, I know it is made of rubber, and we can write about rubber, but try to stay with me here). Stay focused!

We all have stories — some we won’t admit to!

Many of us have stories that we want to tell but don’t know how or where to share. Many of us have stories we won’t (or CAN’T) tell our best friend. Write those stories! Tell a million strangers! The first 20 words are the most difficult — then word-diarrhea kicks in and you have written 1000 words before you know it.

Names changed to protect the guilty

Although it is easier to write a story that is mostly based on truth, some not-so-true parts of the story don’t matter. For example, no one cares whether the girl in your story was from Kappa Kappa Gamma, or Alpha Phi.

It doesn’t matter if your story line was set at McNeese University or Harvard. Or whether the rope you bought was from LoveWorks‘ Store or Home Depot. The point is, you used rope!

You can shield yourself from any incriminating parts of the story. With all new names for your “starring cast” you can get to work writing.

This offer is open to anyone.

As I said, this doesn’t just apply to college students. You don’t have to be in college – but you do need to write and you need to write well. Your English and your spelling must be accurate and proper. We don’t expect literary experts (we wouldn’t know an expert if it hit us in the face), because as you can tell, we are far from experts of the written word. But you must be able to build cohesive sentences, structured accurately with the timeline of your story.

Your written submission MUST BE ORIGINAL.

The article you submit must be ORIGINAL. We test all articles for plagiarism by using Copyscape. Your article must pass with a 100% original result.

We don’t care about your CV or resume, or your curriculum, or what you have studied, or who your daddy is. There is no applying, or interviews, or Skype “getting to know you”.

will write sex stories for starbucks coffee

We want you to write. Write an interesting article that somehow surrounds sexual experiences or knowledge. If we like it, we pay. If we don’t, we let you know and will try not to break your heart. Super simple. Easy Peazy (I have always wanted to write that in a post).

What we DO NOT WANT is porn. We are not looking for Erotica, or porn stories. We are not looking for a story about what your genitals were feeling and doing. Maybe some day, but not today.

We want you to write about sex — interesting articles, experiences, feelings — about sex, sexuality, gender, phobias, sexual orientation, sexual identity, pain and pleasure, sexual acceptance, rejection and your unique experiences of sexual exploration — what you felt when you experienced different parts of sexual relationships: POSITIVE experiences that you have had.

Give me 60 seconds, and I will give you 60 story ideas. And if you really think about it — you could do the same.

40 minutes – drinking a Sprite Zero and eating a candy bar.

In 40 minutes, I wrote the first 1000 words. Then I went back and re-wrote some parts that I didn’t think were clear enough and added 400 words to this post.

work from home writing for us
Is Dr Pepper a Top, Bottom, or Vers?

Now I am off to bottoms up a bisexual Dr Pepper while snacking on some gay Doritos.

If I am still hungry, I might uber over to Burger King, and have a rainbow Whopper.

Don’t know what I am talking about? You haven’t spent enough time experiencing the written stimulation.

It is what we do. Stimulate the brain and have fun.

If you need more assistance, send us an email. If you are ready, write your first article and email to us.

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