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Women Sues Ex Because of Big Penis

Woman claims boyfriend’s big penis stretched her and she filed suit!

A 29 year old woman, Silindile Mangena said she will have to spill out about $10,500 to get reconstructive surgery on her vajayjay after she had sex with the big penis of Mugove Kurima.

A woman, Silindile, sues her ex-boyfriend whom she claims overstretched the walls of her vagina with his ‘abnormally lengthy’ and just plain big penis. But that begs the question — if he was “lengthy” he wouldn’t have stretched the WALLS of her vagina. Only a really THICK PENIS would stretch the side walls.

She will undergo surgery to reconstruct her vagina after having sex with her ex-boyfriend, 37 year old Mugove.

She heaps the blame on Kurima, and wants him to take responsibility for the entire cost of the surgery, estimated at $10,500 USD unless he wants the matter settled in court.

Silindile Mangena from Harare, Zimbabwe, reported to Zimbabwe Mail, saying that her once tight vagina is now stretched after encounter with Mugove.

She admitted that although he was married, she couldn’t help but fall in love with Mr Long. She doesn’t disclose whether she fell in love with Mr Long, after she found out he WAS really Long.

She said she had to walk away from the relationship last May when she discovered that Mr Long had allegedly stretched her.

Currently, the actual size of this alleged big penis is unclear leaving people to in wonder.

The woman through her lawyers will request the court to force Mugove to pay the fee for her surgery.

Mr Long hasn’t responded to accusations yet. On the sidelines, everyone is curious whether Mr Long will be required to demonstrate to the court that his penis wasn’t THAT big.

Previously, a man who claimed to have the largest natural penis by size the world over said it was destroying his career.

The man who said his size is 13.5 inches and laments that he is being relegated to the smaller role because of this.

Clearly declaring yourself the ultimate Mr Long doesn’t go down well in the long run.

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