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Woman Admits Strange Sex was Pretty Good

Woman reveals how strange sex turned out to be a good thing

A woman told her tale of the strangest sex she’s ever had- but it turns out there was a blessing in it.

In contrast to the perfection we appear to see on pornos, sex is normally awkward, uncomfortable and on worst days, unsatisfying. But rarely do we call it strange sex.

Understandably, majority hope that the frequency of the latter is drastically reduced in their experience.

But a woman just revealed how the most horrible and strange sex of her life has turned out to be one of the best things to happen to her in her life.

While it might seem funny by the mere thought of it, she deserves a hearing because the message that follows is a sweet one.

Here’s what she has to say…

The woman revealed the ‘most awkward’ sex she’s ever had was with… her husband, she explained everything in a post published on Reddit.

She explained that because of her pregnancy and insecurities about her body, the pair didn’t have sex for about seven months.

Besides, he suffered a skin condition that caused him to break out occasionally in itchy sides on his entire body.

She was scared and worried that they were both stuck in a marriage devoid of sex forever.

But one night, they decided they’d try.

She said she got her sex a beautiful dress meant for her bridal shower, did her make-up and curled her hair. This made her feel like a girl in a very long time and Mr. Itchy couldn’t keep his eyes and hands to himself. He kept both on her.

He was always understanding and calm when she turned him down on frequent occasions in the past.

But not tonight!

Enough was enough! For all she knew, she missed sex and she was going for it.

What followed was what she described as the “most awkward” and “uncomfortable sex of her life”

Even though this rather strange sex was nowhere near perfect or smooth, they bonded more.

Because they were about to see the humor in it all and laugh about it, this brought them closer in a different level and she felt it.

She continued, “We laughed and then kissed despite the giggles, we touched ourselves tenderly in ways we hadn’t since six months.”

She explained that she never realized how disconnected they’d become, how much she missed sitting next to him. It was the best experience of her life according to her, a tender experience.

She revealed that she hadn’t felt like the beautiful woman she is before that night throughout her pregnancy.

People wasted no time in sharing in her joy while some had similar experiences in their relationships to share as well.

One fellow revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer, and after she went through chemo for months and came out, all she wanted to do was to have her husband’s arms around her.

One wrote, “I can’t wait for my weird awkward sex”

Another wrote, “This is so perfect and I am genuinely happy for you guys!” 

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