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Vibrators! Vibrators!  Get your Free Vibrators!

Vibrators! Vibrators!  Free Vibrators and Adulttoys!


Free Vibrators??  New York City was the site of a free vibrator giveaway in 2012.  The idea of giving out free vibrators to people on the streets of New York City was not accepted with open arms.  The original plan to pass out thousands of free vibrators was actually canceled due to permit issues, but after large fines were paid, and agreements were made, the giveaway took over a small part of New York City.  It is funny, but the mayor agreed to approve the giveaway to take place in the meat-packing district—how ironic is that? 


free vibrators trojan pleasure cartThe first attempt in giving away free vibrators made many people upset—not because the vibrators were being given away, but because they stood in line, only to be turned away due to the initial ban of the giveaway.  These same angry people were ecstatic the following day when the same carts were open for free giveaways.  People stood in line for approximately a 45-minute wait time, just to score one of the free vibrators, valued between 30 and $40.  The Trojan Pleasure Cart was definitely a sight for sore eyes after the rejected attempt the previous day.   Many people were still disappointed.  It seems hundreds of people who set aside the previous day to get their free pleasure-stick were unable to return the next day, and missed the opportunity completely due to the original legal issues. 


The successful giveaway resulted in approximately 4,000 pleased recipients of free vibrators.  The vibrators even included batteries!  People could run home and enjoy their vibrators without having to stop for batteries.  This free gift will continue to please 4,000 people on a regular basis.  Talk about making the world a better place.  This company had another giveaway in Miami the following year.  They seem to be making the world a happier place, one vibrator giveaway at a time.

free vibrators trojan pleasure cart


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