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About Types of Condoms

I was was young when I saw my first condom; maybe 6th grade.  I didn’t understand what they were for, but all my friends were talking about having condoms.  I remembered that the local gas station had a condom machine in the bathroom, so when I had extra money, I would buy a few condoms.  There were 3 different types of condoms in the machine (but actually, it was nothing more than 3 different brands or packaging).  That way if my friends had ONE, I would have a few and that would make me ahead of them.  We were too young to be called sluts back them!

I knew it was a “naughty” item but I didn’t understand why or what to do with it.  I guess it was a naughty balloon.  By the middle of seventh grade, I still had not’t figured out sex, but I knew that I should have these condoms!

It was a few more years before I experienced condom use for the first time.  Actually, looking back, I know that my first time sex was without a condom … and I don’t know with whom or when my first condom usage actually was!

But it wasn’t until they were being used on me (I began to demand they be used) that I learned that there were different types of condoms (not like “brands” in the condom machine at the gas station.  As an adult and talking with my friends now, I realized that they didn’t know anything when it comes to the history or the types of condoms, or anything about them!


The best place to turn for the history of condoms, is that all-knowing Encyclopedia of the Modern World:  WikiPedia.

The history is very unclear, but has potential use of different types of condoms, dating back 1500 years!  There were even condoms made of linen and LEATHER.  So many men already complain about not feeling anything when wearing a condom, I can’t imagine getting a man today to wear a leather condom.

The first condom made of rubber was in 1855.  In reading the history, I had to laugh.  One of the “selling points” of the rubber condom was their “re-usability”.  Yuck!  Washing out your condom after each use???  However, all over the world, the word “rubber” became synonymous for “condom” in multiple languages.

Wealthy men would go to the doctor to be measured for custom fitting “head” or glans only condoms.  That didn’t last long as the condoms often fell off.

The biggest test was in France when the condoms were used to ward off the syphilis epidemic.  And as they say, the rest is history.


There are three main types of condoms: latex (aka rubber), polyurethane (commonly referred to as a type of plastic material) and animal skin / organic materials such as lambskin.

types of condomsIn the 80’s, lambskin had become very popular because guys said it “felt” the best.  They were (and still are!) more expensive, which makes me think that this was during that time when people with money were willing to “pay more” because they got a “better” product.  The only problem was that many people found them to be more fragile, and they DO NOT protect against disease.

Lambskin, for example, are made from the intestinal membrane of the lamb, and has small “micro-pores” which make it completely ineffective at protecting against STD’s.  Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen didn’t know this, and was quite fond of using lambskin condoms even though he was HIV+.

To recap, LAMBSKIN condoms WILL protect against pregnancy.  They will not protect against STD’s.  The biggest complaints against them is the cost and the smell.

But that leaves two other types of condoms.  The Rubber and the Polyurethane.  They are both effective in preventing pregnancy and protecting against STD’s.

latex v polyurethane types of condomsLatex condoms are the cheapest and most popular.  This is typically the “Trojan” condoms everyone knows.  Allegedly they are the MOST effective at protecting against STD’s although I don’t think the difference between effectiveness of Latex and Poly is much different.  The thinnest types of condoms in the latex category are those made by Sagami.

In contrast, polyurethane condoms are thinner, stronger, and much more expensive than Latex condoms.  Trojan makes some, as well as Durex.

The thinnest polyurethane condom however, is made by Sagami, a Japanese firm.  It is a very tight, and very thin condom designed to increase sensitivity.

Guy friends tell me that they don’t feel heat transfer as much with Poly condoms as they do with Latex.  According to the claims made on the package, guys should feel MORE heat transfer, so I find the real-life experiences to be invaluable.

aoni one of the types of condomsWhen talking about the different types of condoms, the discussion of thickness or thinness is always the number one discussion.  And there is a company out there that has a documented Guinness World Record for the thinnest condom in the world:  And the brand is AONI.

“The Aoni condom measures just 0.0014 inches (0.036 millimeters) thick, beating the previous record-holder, Okamoto of Japan …”  This is a LATEX condom, with a thinner material than anything else in the world.


Yes!  But “regular-size” condoms will fit fine for most men.  Condoms are supposed to be tight; but if the condom you choose is too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear.  In that case, try the “XL” version of the types of condoms that you prefer.

Condoms can only protect what is covered, so it is important to find a condom that fits correctly.  XL condoms are usually longer and slightly bigger around.

Condoms that are too loose might slip off or may not provide enough feeling since there is space between the condom and the penis.  In this instance, try the smaller condoms, usually sold as more “snug”, or “slim fit”.  Over 1/3 of all adult males should be wearing snug or slim fit condoms.

But did you know that a HUGE (or “yuge” if you are a Trump fan) percentage of teenage boys are having sex and CAN’T wear condoms because standard “snug” or “slim” condoms are still too big?  Teen boys are having sex – but we can’t supply a condom for them; or advertise to them.  Imagine trying to mount a campaign for smaller condoms for 14-16 year old boys!

“According to the Swiss research [on condom/penis size], a regular condom is too big for one in four youths of that age and can slip off. At that age, the penis is not always fully grown”


Although I am unable to find hard statistics on the internet, based on my experience, most condom users don’t understand the need for additional lubrication.  Many condoms show that they are “lubricated” on the package, but that lube is usually as thin as water, and doesn’t provide what is often needed.

So many factors affect the ability of a woman to self-lubricate that a considerate sex partner should always be prepared with lube.  Even if she is wet, a good quality lube applied to the condom will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Deplubes based on the types of condomsending on where you are purchasing your condoms, you should be able to purchase single use “pillow packs” of good sexual lubricants, like Gun Oil, or Astroglide.  Almost all adult stores will carry these “pillow packs” or single-use containers. For that reason, you don’t need to carry a bottle of lube … just one very thin pack of lubrication with your condom.

Your partner will appreciate it – and it will show what a thoughtful and considerate person you are!

DON’TS:  By the way, I must get this off my chest!  As a female, I would PREFER that you had a packaged lubricant to use with me.  But if you don’t, and you must use your saliva (or “spit” which I hate that word), then don’t make a big scene with sounds of spitting in your hand.  That is so gross.  Can’t you get the saliva into your hand without making all those noises!  This is NOT a porno.

DON’TS:  Never, never, never use baby oil, Vaseline, Crisco, Mazola, or other oils.  They will “degrade” (destroy or eat) the latex making them ineffective.  And they will often cause infections in the female!  You aren’t frying french fries, so stay away from the corn oil!!  Those are not products designed for INTERNAL USE!


I don’t know anyone who actually would do this (cheaters, perhaps??), but just in case, I’ll repeat myself … 2 condoms is NOT better than 1.

Having two condoms on will generate friction between them and give them the weakness to break.

And as a reminder, ALWAYS use your hand to hold the based on the condom as you withdraw from your partner, to make sure it doesn’t slip off or allow semen to spill out.


That means do NOT store it in your wallet where you are sitting on it, possibly degrading the condom with heat and unusual pressure.

And finally, it is true – CONDOMS HAVE EXPIRATION DATES.  It doesn’t matter what types of condoms you have, there is an expiration date stamped on the package.  And yes, it means DO NOT USE IT after the date.


That different types of condoms have different SHAPES??

STANDARD SIZE CONDOMS usually have straight sides.

FITTED CONDOMS usually get smaller (more narrow) just below the head or glans area, which is also more narrow than standard condoms.

LARGER CONDOMS usually are wider AND longer.

EXTRA STRONG CONDOMS usually have less sensitivity because they are thicker than normal, and are the best choice for anal sex.

TEXTURED CONDOMS with ribs and bumps can increase the sensations for one or both partners.  Sometimes the bumps are on the INSIDE of the condom, and are intended to stimulate the male.

FLAVORED CONDOMS are intended for use during felatio because they substitute that standard condom odor with a flavored smell and taste.

LoveWorks sells over 125 different types of condoms from a variety of manufacturers.

If you have any condom questions or any other sex questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

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