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What Are Most People’s Thoughts During Sex?

I have compared my thoughts during sex with some of my friends and what they think about and what I think about during sex is completely different.  But I have only asked guys, none of the girls I know would probably give me the real truth about their thoughts during sex!

I NEVER think of the girl of the girl I'm with.  I need all the help I can to come (I wish I could cum fast like my friends "complain" about) so I'm always thinking about some other girl; maybe someone I got with already or maybe someone that is just so hot that the thought of being with her really does it for me.  Its embarrassing, but the nastier the thoughts, the better chance I will have of making an orgasm.

All my guy friends say that their thoughts during sex are about NON sexual stuff because they are trying not to cum.  One buddy said he thinks about the work he wants to do on his car, and another said he thinks about the WOW game he plays.  One of my buddies laughed at my thoughts during sex and said that if he did that he would cum before he got started.

So what do other people think about – guys or girls, it doesn't matter.  Are they always thinking about the person they are having sex with, like it says in all the romantic suggestion books?

—– Tom from Dallas


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