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Review: JimmyJane Form 5

The Jimmy Jane Form 5 gives me mixed feelings. My original thought was to use it for for clitoral stimulation, which left me a little unsatisfied to be honest. It had decent power, but  it is frustrating to get in just the right place. It looks sililar to a tulip. The little lips at the top of the tulip are design to flutter at the same rate of a hummingbird's wings, which is pretty loveworks.com awesome! I however like a much more direct contact, which can still be achieved by moving the lips out of the way and using the… Read More

Review: Wonderland The Kinky Kat

Wonderland “The Kinky Kat”

series by Doc Johnson is an obvious play from Alice in Wonderland, and they’ve done a great job turning it into an adult toy line. Each of them are adorable in their own way, my favorite being the “Kinky Kat” which is the adaptation of the Cheshire cat.

Kinky Kat is an improved (and cuter) version of the famous pocket rocket.

Review: Slimline G Spot Vibrator

The Slimline g spot vibrator will remain a “must have” in my toy collection forever. One of the first perks that drew me to the Slimline g spot vibrator, was definitely the price. It’s ideal for a newbie who doesn’t know if they enjoy vibration, or a couple who wants to introduce a simple unintimidating toy to their playtime. It runs off of 2 AA batteries, and has pretty decent vibration, I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite thing to use the Slimline g spot vibrator for isn’t G spot stimulation, it’s for clitoral stimulation. I used it in replacement of my… Read More

Bad Boys Strokers – Make Your Knees Buckle!

Who doesn’t love strokers?  Wait, what do you mean, “What are strokers?”  Strokers are a treat for your dick!  A stroker is essentially a tube you put your cock into to help jerk off.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  It’s like a hand job on steroids.  Who doesn’t love hand jobs?    Strokers are usually textured inside to feel like a hot pussy. There are some very expensive toys out there made for like this, but strokers are usually very reasonably priced.  They are typically a soft, jelly-like, rubbery material that you lube up and stroke with!  These are a lot… Read More

Choose A Name For Your Rampant Rabbit

Rampant means wild, out of control, exhilirating, to be up on your hind legs roaring at the world. 

Doesn’t that describe your little rabbit friend perfectly?  Quiet and meek until you give him permission to roar.  And then he goes out of control, shaking, twisting, jumping up and down just for you.   When you choose a name for your rampant rabbit, you must be sure that you pick a name that you can feel comfortable saying. [..]