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Review: Wonderland The Kinky Kat

Wonderland “The Kinky Kat”

series by Doc Johnson is an obvious play from Alice in Wonderland, and they’ve done a great job turning it into an adult toy line. Each of them are adorable in their own way, my favorite being the “Kinky Kat” which is the adaptation of the Cheshire cat.

Kinky Kat is an improved (and cuter) version of the famous pocket rocket.

Review: Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Toy

The Sqweel 2 boasts on its packaging “The World’s Best Selling Oral Sex Toy” A toy created to mimic cunnilingus, the Sqweel 2 oral sex toy launched hoping to give every woman the orgasm they’ve been waiting for from any sex toy. Unfortunately, I am here to tell you they failed miserably. 10 tongues rotating in a lapping motion over and over on this AAA(x3) powered oral sex toy left me ridiculously underwhelmed. As soon as the toy touched me, it immediately slowed down and began to drag (and it wasn’t flush against me). I felt next to nothing. If… Read More

New Improved Teddy Love Bears For Adults

New Improved Teddy Love Bears For Adults   So, you still have a childlike quality about you?  I guess that means you are taking your Teddy Love Bears to Bed with you.  Is your bed covered in teddy love bears when it is made?  Did you not ever give up your stuffed animal collection you kept as a kid and realized it has grown, even after you became an adult?  Well, it must be your lucky day!   Teddy Love is a new product that incorporates the teddy bear with the sex toy industry.  This bear is cuddly and soft,… Read More

Tulip Slim Vibrator Wand Review

Tulip Slim Vibrator Wand Review A vibrator wand that I feel like has been around forever, is more basic, but does not get enough credit is the Slender Tulip  vibrator wand made by California Exotics. Looking at the toy you may wonder where tulip comes from, but it has a “bulb” at the tip, much like that of a tulip bulb. The Slender Tulip vibrator wand is made from a body safe ABS which is unscented and phthalate free. ABS is basically a type of hard plastic. Other than silicone, hard plastics like ABS are my favorite for multiple reasons.… Read More

Magic Wand?  You Betcha!  Hitachi Wand Attachments for HIM

So who here hasn’t heard of the “magic wand”?  Hitachi is probably the most famous of this type of massager and with good reason.  The Hitachi is an excellent product, but we have one of the original Fairy Wand Massagers.  The Fairy Wand is a Japanese made product – and who does over the top sex toys better than the Japanese!  These are both very (VERY!!) powerful wand type massager/vibrators that plug into the wall.  There are no batteries to ever fail.  Ever.  Until the zombie apocalypse.   These two brands and others are amazing wands, but the market has… Read More