5 Signs Your Partner Is Selfish In Bed

5 Signs Your Partner is Selfish In Bed

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be both pleasurable and fulfilling for both people. “Fulfilling” is a nice way of saying both partners should have an orgasm.

Unfortunately, it is not always like that, in either new or old relationships. You get together, are having a great time, and then before you realize all the good things, your partner is rolling off of you. Your partner is SELFISH IN BED.

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Über Dick: Penis Enlargement Injections

micha stuntz penis enlargement injections

Have you ever heard of Micha Stuntz, the man with the 7 pound penis? It’s not just women who like to increase the size of their assets with a little cosmetic surgery anymore. Micha Stuntz, a 45 year old German man has enlarged his penis beyond any normal human proportions. At the last count, it was over 9 inches long, […]

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Tips To Make Yourjizz Taste Better for Your Partner

Yourjizz - cum flavor that is more palatable

A man’s ejaculate can taste (warm and) bitter, mild, sweet, salty, sour, or tasteless.  The taste depends 100% on what a man puts into his mouth – and more specifically – what he ate and drank within the last 48 hours.

What type of men taste the best? Guys who exercise and eat right, including lots of fruits and vegetables (with a few exceptions like [..]

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