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Sex Shop Owner Gets Threats Over Dildo Nativity Scene In Shop Window

IT OFFENDS THEIR RELIGION.  ENOUGH TO THREATEN BODILY HARM?   A sex shop owner is under fire for the nativity scene in his shop window.  Specifically, local Christian groups have expressed their outrage at the shop window display.  In the display is a nativity scene – but not like any you have seen before.  This particular scene, shows the Virgin Mary, St Joseph, and the baby Jesus each painted on a ceramic dildo. The sex shop owner had the custom sex toys created and painted; allegedly created by the sculptor, and ceramicist Ernesto Yáñez.  Provided I have found the correct sculptor… Read More

German Sex Education In Schools Teaches Sex Toys To 14 Year Olds

SHOULD WE TEACH SEX TOYS TO A 14 YEAR OLD? In a cutting edge sex education program in Germany called “The School of Diversity”, formerly adult topics such as anal sex, sadomasochism, oral sex, and the use of sex toys (including “dildos” according to the official statement!) is being taught to 14 year old students as part of the standard sex education in schools program. The ‘School of Diversity’ program is jointly run by a local educational ministry and LGBT advocacy groups to “reflect on tabooed, but very relevant themes [for teenagers],” as well as to promote diversity and tolerance… Read More

What Are Most People’s Thoughts During Sex?

I have compared my thoughts during sex with some of my friends and what they think about and what I think about during sex is completely different.  But I have only asked guys, none of the girls I know would probably give me the real truth about their thoughts during sex! I NEVER think of the girl of the girl I'm with.  I need all the help I can to come (I wish I could cum fast like my friends "complain" about) so I'm always thinking about some other girl; maybe someone I got with already or maybe someone that… Read More

Penis Tattoo – What Is The Effect On Your Health

For the lion's share of men, maintaining a strategic distance from a needle anywhere near the penis appears like an easy decision. Be that as it may, for hardcore tattoo devotees, no piece of the body is forbidden. Of course, puncturing the penile skin over and over with a needle and infusing it with ink can prompt some upsetting issues. For men who basically can't fight the temptation to ink, monitoring these and watching over the penis legitimately prior and then afterward the reality might be useful in avoiding enduring penis issues.   Why do men get a penis tattoo?… Read More

Sexual Intercourse – Only In Vagina Says Jamaica

According to the law in Jamaica, "sexual intercourse under the Sexual Offences Act is penetration of the vagina of one person by the penis of another person".  The United Nations, wants to change that. The old debate about anal sex has been resurrected with a United Nations (UN) recommendation that Jamaica's Parliament approve a redefinition of sexual intercourse to add penetration of the mouth or anus in order to fairly protect men and women against sexual violence. Why does the UN get involved on the definition of sexual intercourse? Shouldn't they be taking care of a lot more important things?… Read More