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Review: JimmyJane Form 5

The Jimmy Jane Form 5 gives me mixed feelings. My original thought was to use it for for clitoral stimulation, which left me a little unsatisfied to be honest. It had decent power, but  it is frustrating to get in just the right place. It looks sililar to a tulip. The little lips at the top of the tulip are design to flutter at the same rate of a hummingbird's wings, which is pretty loveworks.com awesome! I however like a much more direct contact, which can still be achieved by moving the lips out of the way and using the… Read More

Über Dick: Penis Enlargement Injections

Have you ever heard of Micha Stuntz, the man with the 7 pound penis? It’s not just women who like to increase the size of their assets with a little cosmetic surgery anymore. Micha Stuntz, a 45 year old German man has enlarged his penis beyond any normal human proportions. At the last count, it was over 9 inches long, nearly 4 inches wide and weighed more than seven pounds. We’ve all heard the arguments about whether size matters, but are penis enlargement injections really worth it? Micha makes a proud display of his monster member at his local gay… Read More

PENIS ENVY – Was The Freud Theory True?

The phrase “penis envy” has changed over those (many) years that Freud coined it.  It is more commonly used to describe a person who feels “less than” or “lacking something” when compared to another person.

It no longer is restricted to actually having or being envious of another penis-equipped man.  In close circles, women often use the phrase to indicate jealousy over another woman [..]

Clone A Willy Kit: If You Care To Send The Very Best!

For many men it’s a fact of life that in order to provide for your family you will have to be away from home for long periods of time. You may even be serving overseas on a tour of duty, fighting for your homeland. But long and frequent absences can make it hard to keep your relationship going. The thought of your partner cheating on you while you’re away is likely one of your worst nightmares. Quite often, there isn’t anything wrong with your relationship, it’s just that loneliness and opportunity are a powerful combination. But what if there was… Read More