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Jack Rabbit Toys – Got Rabbits? We Do!

Jack Rabbit Toys – Got Rabbits?  We Do! Jack Rabbit Toys are growing more and more popular, and while the demand continues to surge so do the manufacturer’s additions to this old favorite.

Jack Rabbit toys turn, thrust, vibrate, have beads inside them that also do the above. They also have an external stimulator. [..]

Does First Anal Sex Hurt?

 "Does First Anal Sex Hurt?" is one of the most "googled" sex questions on the net, so we decided to ask Madame Red for her response, as well as any helpful tips she could contribute           MADAME RED REPLIES: "It really depends, each experience is different. Most people complaint that first anal sex hurt for them, but my general opinion is no, especially with the 3 important things. 1- Lubrication- Your anus does not produce lubrication the way a vagina does, so extra is always needed. Lubrication eliminates uncomfortable friction, and protects the sensitive anal walls. Read… Read More

Sexual Intercourse – Only In Vagina Says Jamaica

According to the law in Jamaica, "sexual intercourse under the Sexual Offences Act is penetration of the vagina of one person by the penis of another person".  The United Nations, wants to change that. The old debate about anal sex has been resurrected with a United Nations (UN) recommendation that Jamaica's Parliament approve a redefinition of sexual intercourse to add penetration of the mouth or anus in order to fairly protect men and women against sexual violence. Why does the UN get involved on the definition of sexual intercourse? Shouldn't they be taking care of a lot more important things?… Read More

Would You Use A Wooden Dildo?

Would You Use A Wooden Dildo? When I talked to my associates about this article, they all agreed immediately about two main concerns.  SPLINTERS and CLEANLINESS.  It didn't matter how much I read about a wooden dildo, I just couldn't accept using one.  Just the thought that mine could be the 1 in a 1,000,000 that was defective, and that I could be in an Emergency Room at some hospital with splinters inside my vagina.  That was too much for me – and a chance I wasn't willing to take. However, the manufacturing process is quite interesting.  With the three… Read More

Anal Punishment – Using A Huge Anal Dildo

Anal punishment; usually larger toys, and toys designed to be worn for longer times and often in public.  “We are looking for a huge anal dildo”.  

Both huge anal dildo s are intended to cross that line between pleasure and pain.  Some are designed purely for domination.  It is going to hurt going in.  But as soon as it is in, you will be so happy that it can close! [..]