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Magic Wand?  You Betcha!  Hitachi Wand Attachments for HIM

So who here hasn’t heard of the “magic wand”?  Hitachi is probably the most famous of this type of massager and with good reason.  The Hitachi is an excellent product, but we have one of the original Fairy Wand Massagers.  The Fairy Wand is a Japanese made product – and who does over the top sex toys better than the Japanese!  These are both very (VERY!!) powerful wand type massager/vibrators that plug into the wall.  There are no batteries to ever fail.  Ever.  Until the zombie apocalypse.   These two brands and others are amazing wands, but the market has… Read More

Review: Body Wand Sex in Bath Gift Set

Body Wand Multi-Function Bath time Gift Set The Body Wand Multi Function sex in bath gift set is one of my most recent purchases. For not that much more money than what a single Body Wand cost, I was able to get a body wand massager, dolphin wand attachment, massaging bath sponge, rubber ducky, and mini vibrator. I was really interested in getting a Body Wand, and the gift set option basically was the last twist in my arm before caving in. It was too good of a deal not too. Body Wand makes several different types of wands, some… Read More

Vibrators – 1869 to 2016 High End Luxury Vibrators JimmyJane

Vibrators have been jiggling the genitals of women since 1869, when the physician, names George Taylor, designed, manufactured and patented The Manipulator.  The Manipulator was powered by steam and was inserted into pelvis for vibration treatments. 

Taylor’s patients would lie on their stomachs on a table that was padded for their comfort, and enjoy the “pelvic massage” from the Manipulator. 

Review: Magic Wand Vibrator Original (aka Hitachi Magic Wand)

One of my best sellers is the Magic Wand Vibrator Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand. Several people reading this review are going to have already heard of it loveworks.com from someone or from somewhere. It is very well known, and has been around for what seems like forever. It also happens to be the toy I reach for the most often for a quick solo session! The Magic Wand Vibrator is no joke! To simply put it, this is one high powered beast for sexual play. It is longer than a foot long, with a round head, a… Read More