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The No 1 Male Masterbation Sex Toy!

Greatest Male Masterbation Sex Toy  Before I tell you about "The Greatest Male Masterbation Toy in the World", I want to talk about male masturbation and the different types and qualities of masturbation. If you are like most guys, as soon as you read the word "male masterbation", you immediately translate that in your mind to "jacking off" and wondering why I didn't use that more common phrase.  It is because male masterbation and jacking off aren't necessarily the same. There are fertility doctors around the world who will stand up and state for a fact that sperm is stronger and… Read More

Men: The Most Intense Prostate Orgasm EVER

THE SIGN IN MY STORE:     Men:  The Most Intense Prostate Orgasm Ever! Part 5:  The Prostate Toy and Prostate Stimulation I made that sign and mounted it to the wall.  It takes up a lot of space that could be filled with other products, but the sign is important.  It is meant to draw the attention of guys who are intrigued by experiencing what the sign promises, the most intense prostate orgasm! As men, no one tells us (honestly) that a toy or a lube or ANYTHING is going to improve our orgasm.  To be honest, it is usually… Read More

Womanizer Clitoris Stimulator – Don’t Buy Until Your Read This!

Womanizer Clitoris Stimulator – OMG! The Womanizer clitoris stimulator is the first toy I have used EVER to give me such an intense and amazing orgasm. There is no doubt about it! I even remember using my very first vibrator and loveworksdotcom the feeling I received from it, but this is nothing compared to that. As someone who basically remains chronically single, I have a plethora of sex toys, (and a lot them are known for being some of the strongest on the market), but those do not even hold up in comparison to the Womanizer. I will admit, I was not… Read More

Lifelike Suction Cup Dildo from Mr Slim Au Naturel!

Lifelike Suction Cup Dildo Dong Finding the perfect lifelike suction cup dildo or dong can be a bit tricky sometimes. My favorite to recommend is the “Mr. Slim” Au Naturel by Blush, especially if you are looking for a more realistic feeling dong. Blush has an entire line of Au Naturel products in various lengths and sizes, the Mr. Slim specifically just speaks loveworks.com to me on a more personal level. 😉 A lot of the time when you are trying to find a realistic feeling suction cup dildo or “dong”, you will quickly discover it has no stability. They feel… Read More

Love Dolls — Companion or Sex Toy

I was asked the other day if love dolls can really substitute for a real lover (companion sex doll).  Based on all the press from Japan about life-like love dolls being collected by single men NOT looking for a partner, I had to think that “yes”, in some cases I think it could.  But for most, it is a temporary substitute.

By the way, this is the fun part of the job.  I get to write about love dolls, and how to choose them and how to clean them, etc.