Safe Sex Doesn’t Mean Building a Penis Pipe Bomb

safe sex does not mean taping your pee pee hole closed!

There is a right way and a wrong way to perform safe sex. There is an internet solution to safe sex that is so absurd, so bad, and so dangerous you’d be better off just going to the clinic afterward.

Some brilliant men decided the best way to prevent free-flowing semen from entering the glory hole of reproduction was to tape their hole closed

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Used Condom 101 – Can you Flush Condoms?

Used Condoms - ok to flush?

CAN YOU FLUSH CONDOMS? NO!  It is too easy for a used condom to clog the plumbing system.  Even if you don’t notice any changes in the drainage, a used condom can get stuck at any joint or connection in the pipe line under your house.  

And toilet paper and other items that are flushed down your toilet slowly get caught on that used condom, until there is no room in the pipe. [..]

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Vaginal Odor Can Effect Your Sex Life

vaginal odor smelly vagina

Vaginal odor is not a pleasant experience for any woman. It usually causes feelings such as frustration and embarrassment, but at the same time, women feel worried because the vaginal odor usually is a sign that something might be wrong with some of the organs of the reproductive system.  Although your sexual partner's feelings are usually not discussed at the […]

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I Want Sex But I Dislike All Condoms

Condoms for men and women

Having sex should be an enjoyable experience for both women and men, but all condoms get in the way of having a best time; and this can truly put a damper on the experience. Many men experience loss of sensitivity and other worries when using a condom.

Pick your type of condom carefully
You can purchase thinner condoms which are specially made to stop loss of sensation. [..]

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Guys Do You Know The Different Types Of Condoms?

About Types of Condoms

I was was young when I saw my first condom; maybe 6th grade.  I didn’t understand what they were for, but all my friends were talking about having condoms.  I remembered that the local gas station had a condom machine in the bathroom, so when I had extra money, I would buy a few condoms.

I knew it was a “naughty” item but I didn’t understand why or what to do with it.  I guess it was a naughty balloon. [..]

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