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Jack Rabbit Toys – Got Rabbits? We Do!

Jack Rabbit Toys – Got Rabbits?  We Do! Jack Rabbit Toys are growing more and more popular, and while the demand continues to surge so do the manufacturer’s additions to this old favorite.

Jack Rabbit toys turn, thrust, vibrate, have beads inside them that also do the above. They also have an external stimulator. [..]

Play With Anal Beads And Make Sex Fun Again

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of multiple spheres or balls attached together in series which are continuously inserted through the anus into the rectum and then removed with varying speeds at orgasm.

Anal beads are the least scary of the butt play toys to play with, and one that intensifies your orgasm, adding a new level to your sex fun. [..]

Mini Bullet Vibrators by Cal Exotics

Bullet vibrators come in all different sizes. They all do the same thing; which is to offer clitoral stimulation. What size you want to get is total personal preference. California Exotics makes teeny tiny mini bullet vibrators, that happens to be excellent sellers here in the Spring store. It is called the Whisper Micro – Heated mini bullet vibrator. This mini bullet vibrator is fairly standard; the remote is attached to the bullet by a cord. It requires two AA batteries for use. The mini bullet vibrator actually does heat up slightly. It will not be so much that you… Read More

Petite Jack Rabbit Toy by California Exotic

Petite Jack Rabbit Toy by California Exotic There are far too many different multifunction styled, (more commonly known as a "Rabbit Toy"), sex toys to choose from, if you loveworksdotcom ask me. Don't get me wrong, they all serve a great and desired purpose, but it get it can be overwhelming to pick just the right one for you. California Exotic recently came out with new packaging for a lot of their Jack Rabbit Toy line. They have them labeled as starter, intermediate, advanced, and pro. In my opinion, that was a fantastic idea! It helps a customer find a starting point,… Read More

Tulip Slim Vibrator Wand Review

Tulip Slim Vibrator Wand Review A vibrator wand that I feel like has been around forever, is more basic, but does not get enough credit is the Slender Tulip  vibrator wand made by California Exotics. Looking at the toy you may wonder where tulip comes from, but it has a “bulb” at the tip, much like that of a tulip bulb. The Slender Tulip vibrator wand is made from a body safe ABS which is unscented and phthalate free. ABS is basically a type of hard plastic. Other than silicone, hard plastics like ABS are my favorite for multiple reasons.… Read More