Estim Sex Toys and a Hands Free Orgasm


Yesterday, I was having lunch with two friends.  I’m the youngest, as the other two are both nearing 70.  

Out of the blue, “Harry” just starts telling me, “I got my estim unit in the other day.  Do you know what TENS or e-stim is?”  Of course he knows I have been in the sex toys business all my life so I meekly reply, “Yes” and let him continue. [..]

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How to Choose a Vibrating Bullet or Pocket Rocket

bullets vs the pocketrocket or pocket rocket

Pocket Rocket and Bullet in the same sentence?  But how can that be?

Even Wikipedia editors are wrong in my opinion.  Wiki says: ” … [it is a] vibrator that is egg or bullet shaped that can be completely inserted into the vagina or anus (NO!!!) due to their small size. They can also be referred to as egg vibrators or bullet vibrators, depending on their shape.” [..]

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Paul McCarthy’s Paris Butt Plug

paul McCartney's Paris ButtPlug

What a headline, right?  Can you imagine anytime in history where someone so well-regarded as Paul McCarthy would be in the same headline as a "butt plug"?  At least I'm not making this one up! And better for me, I remmeber when this happened.  When the media began publishing photos of the artwork in question, I couldn't contain my laughter. […]

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Butt Plug Training for Dom / Sub Relationships

Butt Plug Training, enemas and fancy other Plugs for the Dominants and Submissives

Butt Plug Training – The Choices. Dominants usually want to keep their submissive’s anus filled with a butt-plug & enema to remind them who is the boss. Anal Play with plugs has become mainstream!

Butt plugs vary in size, shape, texture and intended purpose. Yes, you read that correct … “intended purpose”. Things that make you go “Hmmm”. [..]

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