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What Teens Think About Having Anal Sex

What teens think about having anal sex Whether you like it or not, the idea of having anal sex always hangs in the air among heterosexual couples. Although a lot of couples are experimenting, it has been discovered that women engage in it because of the very wrong reasons. The research was published in BMJ Open, a medical journal and surveyed one hundred and thirty (130) males and females between 16 years and 18 years old. The study results revealed fascinating gender differences how anal sex occurred. The result showed that men viewed having anal sex as a sort of… Read More

Kanye West and Amber Rose on Who Likes Anal Play

Let’s be honest, we all have that one not-so-acceptable thing the does it for us in bed.

Rumor has (or had) it that for Kanye West, it’s pegging. This is basically when a woman performs anal intercourse on her partner. It may not be full out sex — probably with a finger playing around to stimulate the prostrate or it might be total penetration with a sex toy.

Vibro Anal Balls – A Pipedreams Fail

I love sex toys.  I love anal sex toys.  I love anal sex toys from Pipedream.  This is why I was so excited to get my hands on this new sex toy, the Vibro Anal Balls, from the Pipedream AnalFantasy collection.   Anal play is quickly becoming more accepted in general and is being widely embraced and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people; gay, straight and everything in between.  I know I probably just lost maybe half of the men who were reading this and made a face and clicked to the next web page at the mention of anal play… Read More

Silicone Anal Beads – Your Butt With Say Ahh

People are funny about their butts.  Some people just love their asses to be played with.  I’m one of those.  I enjoy toys, fingers, strapons, plugs, vibes – you name it, I like it!  On the other hand, I’ve had partners that have run the entire spectrum of “butt play” willingness.  One girlfriend told me flat out, “Don’t touch me there”.  Another woman loved hard anal fucking and lots of it.  Most of the partners I have been with have been somewhere in between.   Real life is not like it is in the porn flicks, where every woman gleefully takes… Read More