I Want Sex But I Dislike All Condoms

Condoms for men and women

Having sex should be an enjoyable experience for both women and men, but all condoms get in the way of having a best time; and this can truly put a damper on the experience. Many men experience loss of sensitivity and other worries when using a condom.

Pick your type of condom carefully
You can purchase thinner condoms which are specially made to stop loss of sensation. [..]

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Our Top Choices For The Best Lubricant For Sex

Water based and silicone lubes on display

Lubrication and the eternal questions:  What is the best lubricant for sex?  This can be a slippery subject for some people, but you should know that it is ok to need an additional lubricant, and it is ok to want it. 

Lube Shaming shows lack of education and empathy. Society and Celebrities need to stop telling people how to live. [..]

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Is It Legal To Sell Your Virginity?

sell my virginity on line hymen cherry

Throughout history, virginity (female virginity specifically) was a highly prized (and valuable) commodity, for moral, religious and financial reasons.  In many cultures, girls who had not experienced penetrative vagina sexual intercourse were considered “pure”

In Western society, times have changed.  The “indicator” of virginity — the hymen — is no longer prized, protected or valued [..]

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Doing the Dirty Deeds — How Many Times Did You??

dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Have you been in one of those tables with your friends for brunch and while the pies are being passed around, the conversation slowly begins to shift to very awkward topics like “dirty deeds done dirt cheap”?

Before anyone realizes, the topic is now ‘the dirty deeds: how many times we do it.

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Loving Your Vibrator Rabbit Like A Pet

Pet Rabbit Vibe

Are you thinking of buying a vibrator rabbit for a pet?  Looking to enhance your daily satisfaction in life?  Yes, we have partially lost our mind, but until your have had a rabbit that you love, you just can’t understand what we feel!  

However, be sure you are ready for the responsibilities of taking care of this loving animal.  While they are easier to care for than some anal pets, they still require attention. [..]

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