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Category: LoveWorks Magazine

LoveWorks® Magazine gives writers the opportunity to share opinion and investigative articles about subjects other publications won’t touch. We are always looking for articles from authors written from unique perspectives willing to think outside the box. If any of the articles make you angry, happy, laugh or cry, then the writers have done their jobs.

Moms Love a Good Woody

Every now and then, a story comes along where you can’t help but wonder if the heat death of the universe would not be a better alternative to the stupidity of certain people. Some people take ideas and concepts and run with them like a Dark Souls player trying to convince a Pinball Wizard to …

PLBY: Mismanaged or Misunderstood?

This article was originally written for SeekingAlpha.  Another SA author had written about the new Playboy as being “misunderstood”. Although I agreed that many investors still don’t know that Playboy doesn’t print a magazine, I think the problems of this company lie much deeper than public or investor perception. Let’s talk about Playboy. I have …