Sex Toys on the Train – Makes the Commute More Tolerable

sex toys on the train to be auctioned -- adult store

Oops! Where did I leave my sex toys on the train?

About thirty-five sex toys on the train were lost and found on commute by passengers and only about fifteen Londoners came to lay claim.

Did you catch that? Fifteen Londoners took time out of their day to go to the head of the Transport for London office and DESCRIBE the sex toy they lost!

“Yes sir, it is a beige dildo, well it kinda looks pink, that is 38cm (15 inches) tall, and has balls on the bottom. Here is a picture from the online sex store where I bought it. You found it? Oh, great! I’m so happy”.

The toys found in London’s trains, buses, and public transport were about 35 in number for a year’s collection with people showing up to claim them.

According to figures, the sex toys on the train were owned by commuters in the capital.

The erotic devices were taken by others to staff for lost property at the TFL (Transport for London) office after being discovered.

The figures revealed that roughly half of the rightful owners openly came to claim their lost properties and admitted to losing their sex toys on the train. They didn’t, however, explain WHY they had their sex toys on the train and whether they were being used to help make the commute more enjoyable.

It appears sex toys were not the only thing that commuters forget.

About four commuters in London misplaced their Viagra pills while travelling and just like the unclaimed sex toys on the train, no one turned up to collect these.

The other less raunchy items that passengers lost include seven hundred and forty-four (744) crutches, one hundred and thirty-five (135) wigs etc.

Of the 135 wigs that were lost, only about 14 of them were picked up by the owners.

The items that aren’t picked up by owners within 3 months are being discarded, given to charity or auctioned for sale.

Wait a minute! There is a government auction for adult toys — USED sex toys found on the train?????

The money made from these items by TfL (Transport for London), is used to fund its office for Lost property. The money made in the last years is estimated to be about one million pounds (about $1.3 million).

That’s a huge sum made primarily from lost properties (raunchy or not) people failed to claim.

Sex toys are cheap. Just buy new ones!!

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