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Screaming O Clitoris Stimulation Pop Vibe Review

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.  Click HERE for great replacement ideas.

Screaming O Clitoris Stimulation Pop Vibe

Screaming O is a company that makes a ton of different toys including the clitoris stimulation specialty pop vibrator. The screaming o sex toys that I’ve tried are fun, exciting, and affordable. Affordable being the initial reason we sell so many of their products I think, but people quickly fall in love with them and return to buy more. I also love their packaging – for all of their products. They come up with really fun catch phrases, or silly illustrations on how to use their sex toys, but at the same time they are loveworksdotcom direct and to the point. Screaming O just finds a really creative and assertive way to get the use of the sextoy across, without being crude. I recently purchased for myself the Screaming O Pop Vibe clitoris stimulation toy, and I am certainly happy I did.  Check the latest price! UPC: #817483011290

The Screaming O clitoris stimulation pop vibrator comes in four different bright and attractive colors, grape purple, kiwi mint green, strawberry pink, and tangerine orange. When I saw the kiwi mint green, (as silly as this is), I knew I had to have it.

screaming o clitoris stimulation

The Pop Vibe is also designed with an ergonomic grip, to give your wrist a break. Seriously, it’s on the packaging, “ergonomic curve gives your wrist a rest”. It can look sort of loveworksdotcom weird at first, but once you figure it out, it all makes sense. I can only imagine they got the idea from all of the women who say they use an electric toothbrush to stimulate themselves. (Yes, I have heard that from women on more than one occasion, and I do not recommend it! Ouch!)

screaming o clitoris stimulationThe Screaming O Pop Vibe operates a lot like an electric toothbrush even. It has a body safe silicone, smooth, and comfortable, (unlike toothbrush bristles), head that vibrates, then a handle, that curves slightly, made from ABS plastic. It requires a single AAA battery that fits into the base; a base that like many electric tooth brushes is flared, so you can stand this upright.  If I didn’t have a little one running around I would totally leave this clitoris stimulation master out on my nightstand, or even my bathroom counter. No one would really know what it was, but it is really cute. Lol.

The Screaming O Pop Vibe is currently in my purse. (I just bought it a few days ago, so I don’t want to miss an opportunity to use it. – I may have a problem. Lol.) I see myself eventually moving it to my sex toy collection I have hidden away loveworksdotcom in my bathroom. I have a stand up shower, and this is water resistant. With the ergonomic design it is going to be super easy to use while standing and perfect for the shower. It’ll even be easy to use while sitting, laying on your back, or bent over. Of course this would be another great sex toy to use for clitoris stimulation during sex with your partner.

Not only is the Screaming O Pop Vibrator cute and user friendly, it has 3 great speeds of vibration, but also one greatscreaming o clitoral stimulator pulse. It is controlled by a push button located on the very bottom, so you can easily turn the functions or turn it off. It also uses that deeper tone of vibration. The kind of vibration that is not super loud, but very powerful.

The Screaming O Pop Vibe is so adorable, affordable, effective, and easy to use. I highly recommend for any one trying to buy it as a gift to someone else. It is not intimidating what-so-ever, and is a safe bet. It would make a great introductory toy for anyone “curious” to learn more about themselves, loveworksdotcom about clitoris stimulation, and explore further what really does turn them on. For the avid user of sex toys, it is great to have handy. With a little bit of water based lubricant, let’s be real, you really can masturbate and “give your wrist a break with the Pop Vibe”.

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