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Review: JimmyJane Form 5 (Disc)

Sorry, this item has been discontinued

Sorry, this item has been Discontinued

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THE ROSE would be an excellent step up.

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The Jimmy Jane Form 5 gives me mixed feelings. My original thought was to use it for for clitoral stimulation, which left me a little unsatisfied to be honest. It had decent power, but  it is frustrating to get in just the right place.

It looks sililar to a tulip. The little lips at the top of the tulip are design to flutter at the same rate of a hummingbird’s wings, which is pretty awesome! I however like a much more direct contact, which can still be achieved by moving the lips out of the way and using the “pleasure dome” located at the top, but inside the lips. It is made of a super soft, pliable, and comfortable silicone, so they move easily, just for my body it was a bit more work than I wanted for a quick get off before work.

However, I am no quitter, and found it is perfect for a couples toy. Because the material is gentle it can easily stroke a penis, the lips and pleasure dome will wrap perfectly around the head of a penis, for even more direct contact. I also use it on my throat to transfer vibrations during oral. This product is also completely waterproof.

I wouldn’t recommend this toy for solo play, but only because of the cost. I will say it is worth it for a couples toy.

jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store

UPC:  852991004853

Pros: Body safe & comfortable material – Silicone

Rechargeable – no batteries required – holds a 4 hour charge

3 year limited warranty

Fairly quiet

Waterproof – actually submersible in water

Easy to use controls with 5 speed and 4 pulses

Cons: Not my favorite for solo play

Price – pricey, but quality.

jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store jimmyjane vibrator by loveworks adult store

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