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Review: Oral Sex Gel by Crazy Girl

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.  Click HERE for great replacement ideas.

Flavored Oral Sex Gel – add flavored fun to your intimate moments!

Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel Cotton Candy flavor is one of my top picks in the flavor fun department. To start the dispenser is a pump action bottle so you get just the right amount! The taste is exact with no lingering weird after taste of artificial sweeteners. The consistency is absolute perfection, a smooth but thick liquid allows you to spread it on your partner without the added worry of it dripping on their feet! It’s toy safe and latex friendly so you don’t have to limit your playtime to just one area. Also a non-staining formula makes for easy clean up.

As a personal fan of this product, it’s a perfect addition to oral sex play. Using it for him or her, its incredibly long lasting and enjoyable. It combines 2 of my favorite things, oral and cotton candy! Since I’ve tried it on its debut, I haven’t went without it in my nightstand.

When I asked my partner about the Crazy Girl Oral sex gel and what he though, I had a good laugh.  He told me that it combined his two favorite items — Cotton Candy and Vagina!  And the aroma of cotton candy made him think he was doing something nasty while the carnival was in town!  Perhaps I shouldn’t ask him when I am writing reviews!

UPC CODE #638258751018

ProsFlavored Oral Sex Gel from LoveWorks Sex Toys Store

  • Great pricing
  • Deliciously fun cotton candy flavored oral sex gel.
  • Added Honey Extract to increase arousal
  • Sugar Free
  • PH-Balanced
  • Water Soluble
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Safe For All Skin Types
  • Made in the US
  • I found the flavor to be long lasting and quite yummy.


  • Not sold in larger sizes beyond 2.2oz
  • With added “Honey Extract” to increase arousal I experienced no added arousal beyond the norm.
  • It is literally just a flavor mask, if considering buying this for added pleasure you are better off finding another product.


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