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Review: Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls) Pink

Who hasn’t heard of Ben Wa Balls?  Raise your hand.

Update 2/7/22:  The product that this referred to has been discontinued.  However, the information is still valid.  For more kegel balls, click here.

Ben Wa Balls (Pearlescent Pink) have been all the rage this past year. (Mainly because of a certain hit book series that came out) It has been a staple in the store for long before it became popular however. Ben wa balls, AKA “Kegel Balls” have been a modern way to strengthen pelvic muscles for years! Just like your arm muscles need exercised, so do the ones that surround your pelvic region.

Many things contribute to a weaker pelvic floor: pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and weight-gain. Your pelvic floor is important Ben Wa Balls -- in the south, they are BENOIT ballsbecause it supports a lot of your goods such as: your bladder, bowels, and it provides significant support to the womb. When it becomes weak, you can have abdominal pain and sometimes urinary/fecal incontinence. It can also affect the amount of friction felt during intercourse.

Ben wa balls, aka Kegel balls, are weighted balls that are inserted into the vaginal canal, and naturally because of the weight they are going to try to fall downward/or out. Your mission in this journey to tighter pelvic muscles, is to not let them out! Squeeeeeeezzeeeeee…..Clinch!!! Count 1 , 2, 3 and release. Keep going until you’ve done 10 repetitions.

Side Note (Empty your bladder before doing these exercises; it’s not super healthy to start and stop urine flow. It can contribute to UT infections)

I found it much easier to do this at home while doing monotonous things around the house like dishes and laundry, with the Ben wa balls inserted. I also make sure to wear panties (don’t judge me, I’m at home and can go commando if I wanna!) so just in case one of the ben wa balls falls out, I don’t end up chasing it down the hallway. Lol

If you’re thinking about starting Kegel exercises and/or implementing Ben Wa Balls balls into the regime and have questions, your gynecologist is the best person to ask.


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