Sex Toy Tester Wanted: Guys Only!

sex toy tester reviewer

We need open minded guys who like to play with toys, and enjoy experimenting with anything new if it makes them satisfied, to become a male sex toy tester for LoveWorks Magazine.

Reviews can be written from a kinky point of view (with too much information "TMI") or not, but they need to be an honest review of the product.  If you could honestly tell your best friend about the toy you just used, we want to read what you would have told him!   Reviews must be no less than 750 words.

Toys will include male masturbators ("pocket pals"), rings, prostate toys, lubes and male-oriented vibrators.  They can be used alone or with a partner.  

You should be over 18, maybe living away from home or your partner and enjoy making yourself happy.

We might throw in a sexual enhancement pill like Rhino from time to time, just in case you might need to test the toy repeatedly in one day.  

But you won't get rich, and you can't quit your day job! We pay USD$10-25 for each accepted sex toy review, depending on the length, writing quality, and whether images are included in your review.  We give you a toy of our choosing for free, and you write about and take pictures of the toy out of the box (pictures should be of the toy, and NOT you using the toy!). If you are interested, go to and send a message.  

Come on now, you must know AT LEAST 5 guys that would be a perfect sex toy tester!  Please tag them and share this post!

If you would like to see some of the other sex toys for men we sell, click here to enter the store.


Other information (some of the fine print):

You can use your real first name or any other name for the publication of your sex toys reviews.  You can choose to have reviews published with or without your photo, or a caricatured/cartoon (

We will ask you to write a fake 200-250 word review on any toy you have ever used so that we can see your writing skills before sending any toys to you.

Reviews can have a "kinky" slant but must not be filled with explicit words without reason.

Your reviews should include a description of the item; how the item feels to your hands; what was it made from; how did it feel when you began using it; how easy or difficult was it to clean; etc.

Your writing should be clear and concise, in real sentences.  Hopefully you can infuse a little humor into the reviews.  We all need a little humor in life, even when writing about sex toys!


Payments by paypal.





  • C

    I believe I would make an excellent reviewer for the products you sell.  I enjoy penile and anil stimulation of all types.  As a bit of a gadget freak, I'm always looking for new and interesting toys to play with.  I have three college degrees from University of Florida (Computer Science, Business Administration and Marketing) and have been a professional Management Consultant for the last 20 years – so I've done quite a bit of writing over the years, including numerous product reviews and technical literature.   Despite my technical background, my writing style is relatively casual.  I try to get right to the point, so that my clients can make informed, confident decisions.  As far as product reviews are concerned, l believe they should not only describe the products, but also instruct buyers on how to properly use them (or be used by them, as the case may be 🙂  . People who are confused about what a product does or how it works are much less likely to buy it, and are often too bashful or don't know who to ask if they have questions.  If we can break down those walls we can sell more products and have more satisfied customers.

    • Brian

      hey there. I live in the UK in a small town called biggleswade with my wife and kids. I currently out of work because I fell ill unfortunately. so to make up my time I am looking to do something I like and enjoy if possible. I see your ad on the internet and I am very interested if I can have the opportunity to join and test products for you. I am using my wife and I joint email address at the moment because my phone was stolen and I am waiting on my new one coming soon hopefully, then I can have use of my email address again. but for now if you reply to this message please be discreet to me as possible much appreciated. Is there any vacancies I can Join? please let me know asap thank you. from Brian Webster

  • Mario

    Hello my name is Mario I’m currently 24 yrs old I live in Portland I would be a great candidate for this position because I’m a big fan of sex toys I also enjoy leaving reviews that others can find helpful. I live a very open sex life I’m comfortable talking to others about sex products i hope to hear back from Love Work team soon. 

  • Dalt

    In order for one to recipacate giving pleasure one must first knowing what pleasure is…. Here is why i would be a great product tester. Pleasure it comes in many forms but today i want to disscuss SELF PLEASURE the feeling  of giving youself that orgasm of extasty and fullfillment like the very first time wanking off a as a adolosent preteen. I recently  had a self ple session last night with my Eleven inch long toy Coney  Hes a caucasian  Bubble gum one eyed  partna with weight and girth that matches he  swing he made of Silicone material not too fleshy or soft that you couldnt bend bounce and take him fully without the worry thought of dislocating him  for his base or balls shaft has a nice feeling as well not hard  like a  wooden broom handle but  nice rubber that with each downward squat you feel each and every  popping  detailed viens. Bonus for me hes not battery operated and hes very location orienitant wheather its the shower  lowered wooden candle table or tile floor  grab some lube and enjoy .Cleaning Process is a snich also warm water and and a good lathering of anti bacterial soap after dryed apply a good spritz of toy sanitzer and your all set for the next session. So now that i shared my Self ple (pleasure) experince .Whos brave enough  to top my level of  a Self  pleasure session share your experince . Details details details.

  • David

    My wife and I were toy evaluators and review authors for a handful of years and stopped about 5 years ago due to some life changes.  We have participated in many reviews and very much enjoy using our talents for adventure, enjoyment and reviewing toys to the benefits of other shoppers. We are available with myself, him, individually and as a couple as desired. Please contact me via my provided info

  • tg

    Sex toys for men AS YOU me ntion that this can become yopur partner in the life when you are living away from your haappy  life for sex this can break the walls for new life.So feel good to read this informative read.

  • T

    Hi I would like to think that I am an open minded guy I think it would be awesome to test out different male toys and review them.I’m still in college so I would say I have a decent amount of stamina. I wouldn’t be picky of the products provided. I don’t know if you are still looking reviewers but I look forward to hearing back from you thanks have a good one.

  • Ethan

    I am not a professional writer nor do I have a college degree, but I do have a relatable experience to the people who would read the reviews. I would love to work for your company testing products.

  • Julian Aleman

    To the attention of Love Works; 
         I often ask myself this question… Am I getting the best bang for my buck? No pun intended, as I stare down at two male masturbator toys, both of the same porn star but two different companies in the adult shop on a quiet Thursday night.. oh the agony! As I'm about to carefully open the package to one of the toys, I hear the voice of a female store clerk say, "Sorry Sir! You can not open product's boxes! " …Ugh! So if I can't open the package to see if the pocket pussy I am about to invest my hard earned money into… No pun intended again.. feels like the way I invision Riley Reid's (The porn actress) soft to the touch, smooth warm skin would feel like on my fingertips as I glide then ever so gently to her lips as I open a bottle of the newest warming lube by my favorite company.. I apply a generous amount all over my right hand and onto Riley Reid's… Oh I mean …the male masturbator toy's life-like lip's and insert two of my fingers as if she were really here. 

    • admin

      Hi Julian,

      You wrote:
      “As I’m about to carefully open the package to one of the toys, I hear the voice of a female store clerk say, “Sorry Sir! You can not open product’s boxes! ” …Ugh! So if I can’t open the package to see if the pocket pussy I am about to invest my hard earned money into… ”

      And we agree – we want you to see what you are buying. Because of that, we will open and allow you to see any product in the store. We will leave it in the bag, and allow you to feel the item through bag or with a latex glove.

      It is important that we open the box to prevent damage that makes the item un-sellable. Plus, we are able to make sure that no one touches the items with their bare, unprotected hands. That is why we tape and seal all of the boxes and packages in our stores.

      Want to see something? Want to feel how hard or soft a product is? JUST ASK US!!

  • Kim terje M Gronli

    I am so happy to review XXL dimensions of the biggest dildos on the internet and Pluss size of sex toys for man with a few fetish the kinkiest person who has a favorite of dildo. Horse dildo mustang dildo and dragon dildo mrhanky toys, favorite of mine xxxl and xxx size five if Dragon dildos I have a lot of fun to make a video of the products and the Wild products are my favorite things to perform reviews of 

  • Mike

    Hello my name is Mike i happened accross your post for toy testers. I am very interested in testing toys for you. I am very sexually open with myself and enjoy exploring my body without limits. If i get to test your toys i will give you reviews that will be true and explaining what i liked about it and didnt like if anything but please let me know and if you send a toy ill be sure to give it a true testing and test it again and just incase i missed something i will be sure to test it as much as i can id love to test a sex machine i think id like one of those alot lol

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