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The Online Sex Shop since 1998!

Where to buy sex toys?  LoveWorks has been selling sex related toys, games, gags and gifts online since 1998.  When other companies were trying to add their name and address to their "web site", LoveWorks was listing, selling and shipping hundreds of items all over the US — we got in early and built our online sex shop.

loveworks.com selling online since 1998

Online stores are unique, and often provide lower prices than brick-and-mortar locations because costs are substantially less.  WIth our warehouse, we are not in a expensive mall or shopping center, we don't have pretty and aesthetic displays, there is no walk-in customer traffic and no lunch rush!  We are able to serve more people from a centralized location with fewer staff!  When you add it up, lower costs for us, means lower prices for our customers.  And we want you to know where to buy sex toys from a company that will stand behind the sex toys sold.

Over the years, we have tracked our online customers and found without-a-doubt, that customers within 25 miles of our stores will visit a store; customers local to our stores still want to see and feel the toy in their hands, as well as obtain the instant satisfaction of taking that toy home immediately.  That says volumes about the LoveWorks in-store experience.  It also tell us that our well-trained staff is doing everything possible to provide a comfortable in-store shopping experience.

These same staff are the ones who are testing products and writing reviews for our online sex shop.  Their experience helps customers both in in-store and online, because if they don't like a toy, they won't sell it.  

Just like our in-store guarantees, our online customer are assured of satisfaction with our products and protection against defective items.  We stand behind what we sell and always have, and that is why our customers know where to buy sex toys:  LoveWorks!

LoveWorks should be your only place to consider when considering where to buy sex toys.  So, if you are in our neighborhood, we would love for you to visit one of our stores!  But if can't make it, then feel free to enter our online sex shop and browse in your pajamas!  

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