Jeweled Butt Plugs – Fine Gems For The Bum!

jeweled butt plugs booty bling

There seems to be a forever growing need for pretty things to shove up your butt. Personally I think of it as just another exciting way to accessorize. Whatever the reason, jeweled butt plugs are in demand, and Love Works is very happy to oblige. 🙂

In our stores now, we currently have a pretty nice selection of jeweled butt plugs (aka: booty bling). We have both silicone and metal plugs. Both are totally body safe, are adorable, and come in a nice variety of colored jewels. I also happen to have found a secret passion for taking photos of them all lined up. For whatever reason they are very appealing to the eye in a picture? My personal social media accounts have been bombarded with a ridiculous amount of jeweled butt plugs lately. (I really may have just hit a new rock bottom of realizing just how long I have worked here…lol!!)jewel butt plug booty bling

Either style of the jeweled butt plugs that you decide to purchase will be great for beginners. I feel like they come in a pretty average starter size. They are smooth, and tapered, which helps with insertion greatly. The silicone varieties in particular are incredibly soft to the touch making for an even smoother feel. You wouldn't need but a very minimal amount of lube to help with insertion of the silicone butt plugs. You may need more lube for the metal ones, but only because metal occasionally can pull at dry skin. I always say good lubricants are your friend, but especially when it comes to anal play and a jewel butt plug.


jewel butt plug booty bling anal playBoth of these materials are non-porous making it incredibly easy to clean. The metal one needs a good cleaner; but to be honest, any anti-bacterial soap will work. Just remember that the metal needs to be dried immediately with a towel. Don't let it air dry. Occasionally with the metal jeweled butt plugs, the glue that holds the jewel onto the bottom may deteriorate after many washings, especially if the water  settles underneath it without being dried. If you find that happening to yours, go ahead and pop it off, clean any old glue off, and use whatever superglue you have to put it back into place. Honestly, that can happen with any jewel butt plug or sex toy. No big deal.

The silicone jeweled butt plugs are the easiest to clean. The jewels in these jewel butt plug anal playactually do just pop out. You remove them, clean them well, and pop the jewel back in. The jewel part should never be actually inserted into your body, so the fact it pops out only helps you with cleaning it later, and does no harm to yourself. I prefer the silicone again here, because I feel like it is just easier and a bit better for cleaning.

The metal booty blings will have the option for temperature play. The metal will attract the heat or cold. Just run either cold or warm water over it before use if you desire temperature play. Never heat in extreme temperatures and NEVER use metal in a microwave. OUCH!

Honestly, these jeweled butt plugs are just so adorable. If you like sparkly things and glitter, you'll need one for your toy collection.


Besides the jeweled butt plugs, LoveWorks stocks butt plugs in every shape, color, size, and material.  We are positive we have a butt plug that you will love.  Yes, it is ok to love butt plugs!  Click here to see our full selection.





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