Got Rabbits? Version 2.0 Female Rabbit

rogue-v2 by loveworks lake charles graphic
female rabbit sex toys Version 2.0 of the “Rolling Rabbits” gave us the opportunity to change the color scheme, as well as allowed us to introduce our brand-new, custom designed female rabbit

SHE!, was much more attractive and FUN, and more inline with the goals and attitude of LoveWorks staff.  You might notice there is NO carrot! Because we are sure this is our female rabbit.


We also went with a much brighter color, originally described as a “pinkish-purple” blend.  Examples of the colors and the new rabbit drawing were supplied to the wrap-designers.  Within a week, a design was submitted to us and everyone loved it.  It was new, vibrant, and communicated that “fun” feeling.  It was immediately approved and the designers were given the go ahead.  The color felt good with our new female rabbit design.

Nissan Rogue Rolling Sex Toys Chevy HHR SexToy machine


got rabbits sex toys “Got Rabbits?  We Do!”
What does that mean?  Got Rabbits?  The female rabbit vibrator (sextoy) made its offical debut around 1984.  It wasn’t well known by name, until 1998, when a rabbit vibrator appeared on an episode of “Sex in the City” (HBO).  It became a sensation over night (or to use current vernacular, “it went viral”.)  But the rabbit wasn’t finished earning publicity just yet.  In 2005, Opray Winfrey featured the toy in her magazine, calling it “the Rolls Royce of Sex Toys”. 

Today, with a wink and a nudge, “got rabbits” is our way to promote our female rabbit vibrator in public!

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