Got Rabbits? Version 1.0 Female (Not Male Rabbit)

hhr sex toy car

wrap Version 1.0 of the "Rolling Rabbits" was a light pink background, with a white and pink rabbit with blue eyes!  Although not very obvious, this rabbit was holding a carrot, which due to the way it appeared in the wrap, made some people wonder if we were trying to "pull a fast one" and accused us of having a male rabbit.

We promise however, that the carrot appears in the original picture, and we never imagined it would look "questionable".  None of us noticed the questionable carrot until the graphic was stretched onto the car.  That is when we had a good laugh!  Our rabbit was supposed to be a female rabbit – not a male rabbit – but the carrot was unplanned!

female or male rabbit with a carrot sex toys? original rabbit with carrot - not a sextoy


And the wrap in real life.  This car with its pink color garnered a lot of attention.  At the time, the only other car on the road using a light pink, were the "Mary Kay Cosmetic" cars supplied to Mary Kay's best sellers.  When our cars were contrasted with "the other pink cars", it was obvious to see why we created a stir!  If we had only noticed that it looked like a male rabbit, we could have made a change first!  Oh well, we live and learn.

got rabbits? the sex toy car hhr sex toy car

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