Glass Sex Toys: The Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys!

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Glass sex toys are in desperate need of a come back in terms of popularity.  We don't sell nearly as many as we used to, and that is disappointing to me.  I am sure that the reason is that there are so many different ways to get off now.  A prime example is that vibration is the easiest method for most people to cum, and let's be honest, I usually want to make it quick and go on about my day.  However, if you take a little extra time to get yourself or your partner off, it comes with amazing benefits. 

Mostly if it is solo play, you learn what you like.  You will be able to communicate with your partner exactly how you like for things to be done.  Knowledge and communication only helps improve sex with your partner.  If your partner is using the glass sex toy on you, that extra time and effort is appreciated greatly.  It can create a great new sense of intimacy or fore play that is valued.        

Pipedream makes a line of glass sex toys that we sell more than any others called “Icicles”.  I wrote a review a few month ago on my personal favorite, Icicles No 24 glass toy, and Sex Toy Tester “Mike” wrote a review on the glass butt plug Icicles 37.  

And as much as I want to forget it, The Old Guy wrote about the glass dildo urn; I guess I should mention it since it is glass.  Yuck.  Oh, and I almost did forget – I wrote a sex toy review on the Black Rose Anal Plug.  That was a fun one!

So now we can discuss the 3 best sellers here in Texas.  Still from the Pipedream Icicles hand blown glass massager collection, the No 08, the No 05, and the No 18.  All three of these are actually similar, but very different.  Any of them can be used for vaginal or anal play, by a man or a woman. 


glass sex toys
Icicles No 08 is seven and a half inches long and about one and half inches thick. 

I will say, it is a perfect addition for not only beginners to glass play, but more advanced users as well.   It has a few curves to it, which makes it easy and comfortable for insertion.   

The fun part, that makes this fun for a more advanced user is that you can play with both ends.  The bulb, that most people would use as a handle, could be inserted if you are desiring a thicker feel. 

It also has some waves to the body of the toy, and a slight taper for comfort. 


glass sex toys

Icicles No 5 is another of the more popular glass sex toys that we sell.  It is designed very simply, 7 inches long, roughly 1.25 inches thick, and curved with an extra band of glass that wraps around the shaft creating a ringed effect. 

The ringed effect feels incredible for vaginal or anal use.  It can imitate the sort of massage that is created from the beads inside of a rabbit, if thrusted gently, but quick enough.  It just causes a unique sensation that does not disappoint. 

If this is going to be used for anal, it'll probably be recommended for an advanced user, the rings will cause for that stretching, first inserted feeling. 

This toy does have quite a bit of positive anal use feedback from customers though.   It could be used for a strap on as well.  The base is flat and should fit just dandy in the proper size ring for harnesses. 


Speaking of the base of this toy.  It is made with a clear glass, and only the rings are blue.  That means for someone who really gets a lot out of visualization, etc., this toy is kind of cool.  You can see through it.  Even when it is inserted.  It may be a little strange at first, but curiosity and pleasure have been shown to do well together. 


glass sex toys

Icicles No 18 is a real eye catcher.  It makes a great gift because of how beautiful some people view its appearance.  I will agree, it is cute.  This glass sex toy has an adorable red flower in one of the bulbs, and blue studs on the shaft.  It is curved with a tapered "head" and two bulbs for a handle. 

glass sex toys

This makes an excellent g-spot toy.  You can even use either side for penetration.  This is one of the larger glass sex toys.  It is about 7.5 inches long and about 1.5 inches thick.  It really might a top ten of my personal choice. 


Glass sex toys

… in general are amazing.  They are non porous, so they harbor no bacteria or fungus; should never have a nasty plastic smell, and they are far more comfortable than people give them credit.  I think so many people assume it is going to be hard and rigid; although it is a non-giving toy, use with proper lubrication and they work just dandy.  Not to mention it gets no easier to clean than a glass sex toy, which makes glass a nice option for either vaginal or anal use.  (If using glass for anal, just remember, glass has no give, use plenty of lubrication.)

I don't even suggest buying toy cleaner when customers are buying glass sex toys.  You can literally clean them with soap and water, in your dishwasher, boil them, whatever.  They are the most low maintenance toy you can have.   

You can even use temperature play for a more unique sensation.  Run under warm water to heat things up a bit, or toss in the freezer to cool things down.  Some people suggest placing in the microwave to heat, but please do not!  That can bring the temperatures to a much more extreme heat.  Even if you can handle the heated glass sex toy in your hands, does not mean you can handle it on your naughty bits.  Naughty bits are by far some of the most sensitive places on your body.  They aren't exposed to everyday abuse like your hands are…just the occasional pounding.  (I couldn't resist.)

Just remember, everyone needs at least one of the many glass toys from Pipedream in their collection.  Which one will you choose?






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