Car Ads: Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car!

car ads get paid to advertise on your car

Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car!  Monthly Payments!

Let us wrap your car with our eye-catching advertising, and you get paid to adverise on your car:  $150-400USD monthly.  No tricks, no catches, no cost to you.

Our USUAL payment schedule:

$150 per month if you drive less than 800 miles per month.

$250 per month if you drive 801-1500 miles per month.

$400 per month if you drive 1501+ miles per month.

"Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car" comes with certain conditions, and here they are:

1.  You must live within 25 miles of Lake Charles, LA 70601, or 20 miles of Spring/Woodlands, Texas 77386.  You must be employed or a full-time student.

2.  Your vehicle must not be more than two years old.  It may be leased or purchased.

3.  Your vehicle must be from a group of vehicles we seek (Kia Soul [currently preferred!], Kia Sportage, Nissan Rogue, etc.) commonly known as “crossover SUVs”.   [If you have good credit, you can LEASE a brand new Kia Soul for about $189 per month; drive over 801 miles per month and we are covering your entire payment].

4.  You must agree to keep the wrap on your car for not less than 24 months (2-years).

5.  You must bring the vehicle to be wrapped to our wrap location in Texas.  You will be required to stay overnight, and all of your food and accomodation expenses will be paid.  We use only "3m" brand quality wrap material, that will not damage your car.  Once unwrapped, you will not know the car was every wrapped.

6.  You must have full-coverage insurance, provide proof of insurance, and provide us with authorization to contact your insurance agency to confirm coverage as required.

7.  You must agree to wash the exterior of the car at least two times per month.

8.  You must bring the wrapped vehicle to our store for an inspection and for verification of mileage driven, every 30 days (every month).  You will be paid on the day you bring the car for inspection.

9.  You must notify us within 72-hours if the vehicle is involved in an accident, or if any driver of the vehicle receives a police citation ("ticket"). 

10.  IMPORTANT:  "Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car" is a notice of the availability of vehicle advertising from LoveWorks.  You will NOT be asked to pay anything to us; you will not be "put on a list" to find advertisers — we will review your information and accept or reject immediately.  This is real and you can see our wrapped cars as proof.


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