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German Sex Education In Schools Teaches Sex Toys To 14 Year Olds


In a cutting edge sex education program in Germany called “The School of Diversity”, formerly adult topics such as anal sex, sadomasochism, oral sex, and the use of sex toys (including “dildos” according to the official statement!) is being taught to 14 year old students as part of the standard sex education in schools program.

The ‘School of Diversity’ program is jointly run by a local educational ministry and LGBT advocacy groups to “reflect on tabooed, but very relevant themes [for teenagers],” as well as to promote diversity and tolerance in German society.

This sex education program is intended for “Year 7” students.  Although the school structure in Germany appears to be similar to the USA, I know that I was turning 13 in Year 7, rather than 14 year old as reported in all the media.

This type of sex education in schools is very interesting — but I’m sure, very threatening to parents.  Just the release of the sex education curriculum contains terms that parents would not want to broach with their 14 year old.  For example,

The ‘School of Diversity’ lectures and workshops would also give pupils a chance to explore “different identity possibilities” as well as taste “new experience” – particularly by mimicking oral sex and using dildos or vagina simulators in “theatrical performances.”

In the official sex education announcement on the NRW ministry group’s website (now deleted, but archived), states that:

“Young people need support to stand for their sexual orientation”. “Acceptance of lesbians and gays has to turn into self-confidence … And diversity of the society has positive impact on democratic process.”

Even though as a writer, I am so cynical, I had to laugh when I read about the statements those against the sex ed program have said and what could happen upon completion:

“Boys and girls, who got used to overstepping the limits and are thus desensitized” could fall an easy prey for child abusers, Roerig warned.

For years and years, we have argued and professed that the key to stopping abuse is EDUCATION.  Now when there is a program to give that education in a safe, controlled environment, politicians revert back to the “boogey-man” sexual predator argument.  I hope in my lifetime to see changes but I’m not confident.

And lastly, sex education in schools is MANDATORY in Germany from the age of 8.

As an aside, Germany has always been a very forward thinking regulatory environment.  For example, rather than try to “prohibit’ drinking, Germany took the step to teach that “excessive alcoholic consumption” should be fought by teaching how to deal with and live with alcohol as any other beverage.

At the age of 13, minors are allowed to drink beer and wine, as long as they are in the company of a “Custodial Person”.

At the age of 16, minors are allowed to drink beer and wine, without the presence of their parents or a custodian.

At the age of 18, they are no longer minors and have become an adult and may drink hard liquor as well.

But “these limits do not apply to MARRIED adolescents!”


Alcohol is not considered a “taboo”.  Therefore it does not need to be hidden, and there is no reason to binge-drink and hide the evidence.

I realize that is shocking for most readers.  But take a step back — where do most problems occur with alcohol?  Hopefully you said DRIVING CARS and HAVING SEX.

Regarding “having sex“, Germany requires sex education from the age of eight, and has an extremely low birth rate.  So they have addressed that potential problem.

Regarding “driving cars”, the official age to drive a car is EIGHTEEN (18). A learner’s permit is available to drive at 17 only when accompanied by a parent.   Wikipedia   Oh, I almost forgot, in the USA, you are considered DRUNK if caught driving with a .05 Blood Alcohol Level.  In Germany, a BAC of 03 is go-to-jail time!  And there is ZERO tolerance for the first two years of having a license.

And just in case you are still wondering, there are fewer alcohol related accidents In Germany than in the US.  Go figure.

So before any of us attempt to criticize the German sex education program, we must look at everything they have done and take a step back.  We wouldn’t have the problems we do in the USA if our leaders had taken such aggressive and forward thinking actions.

Maybe we should take a step back each time we think another country, society, or religion should do things “our way”.

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