Genital Piercing: Ouch! Be Safe

Genital Piercing and Penis Piercing


It appears rational that most guys would do nearly anything to keep sharp objects from their manhood.  Even thinking of piercing the head of the dick with something sharp is a distressing thought.  There are a few guys however, who believe in genital piercing, plus they may be enticed to find piercing parlors to stud themselves with jewelry.  It may be trendy, plus it may be pleasurable, but nevertheless, it may bring about a few unpleasant side effects, particularly without sufficient care after having a piercing done

Genital Piercing Types

By far the most frequent genital piercing in men in the "Prince Albert"  When this 5-minute process is complete,genital piercing penis piercing prince albert a person is going to have a small hole in the head of his organ which passes through the urethra and into the opening at the end of his dick.  A ring is a standard piece of jewelry with this piercing and many guys would rather have the ring put at the end of the head.  Also with the "Prince Albert" piercing, 90% of all men who have it can no longer pee standing up!

That is only one kind of piercing which can be achieved.  Every place where a fold of skin could be caught or pinched can have a piercing set.  Some guys stud all of their shaft with hoops or bars, and a few guys continue with more piercings as they add them to the scrotum.  Some guys even put pubs and pins throughout the head of their dicks.


genital piercing penis piercing
Why Pierce Your Genitals?

Piercings are usually touted as improving sexual delight.  A metal ring or stud on your love muscle supplies added senses making a guy with a piercing a little more intriguing during sex.  Some forms of piercings may also expose the fine interior tissues of the penis during sex, and folks with these piercings report more extreme sexual pleasure.

Be warned however, that some partners will run and refuse to have intercourse with guys equipped with a multitude of pins, bars and hoops out of fear of injury to their private parts.

Genital Piercing Side Effects

Raising the length as well as intensity of orgasms looks perfect, however there could be serious side effects related to piercings, including:

DISEASE:  Guys who to to Tattoo parlors which do not use clean tools, or where jewelry is reused, may develop illnesses following the piercing; including staph infections and gangrene, which have been reported as a result of piercing with unsanitary tools.  Diseases with this kind of activity cold be life threatening if guys do not get prompt medical attention.

However, in fairness to the Tattoo Parlors, there are fewer and fewer complaints about unsanitary conditions and tools in the industry.  If the shop is located in a business location and appears legit, you can feel a little more comfortable with their services.  You should however, go in and watch them for a little while – tell them you want to “feel more comfortable” with them so you dropped by to watch.  You will see how they operate.

HARM:  Some guys, including those who have gone to reputable tattoo parlors, have seen their piercings go terribly wrong, puncturing the urethra as well as the scrotum.  When this happens, guys could have trouble urinating, or even discover they are not able to produce semen, leading to infertility.

ALLERGIC REACTIONS:  The jewelry itself may be debatable for a few guys, causing allergic reactions including swelling, itching or bleeding, and removal of the jewelry could be needed to work out this health issue.

SCARRING:  Sometimes scarring may develop as a result of injury to the dermal tissue.  The affected skin might cause problems during erections, as scar tissue tends to not enlarge in exactly the same way as the nearby skin; this can lead to debilitating bending or bulging and difficulty with sex.

Caring For Your Genital Piercing

To decrease the thread of likely future issues associated with organ piercing and encourage general genital well-being, appropriate consideration to caring for the penis skin is needed.  Cleaning around the piercing attentively and employing a genital health creme including essential vitamins and minerals can help get rid of dangerous bacteria and promote healing, along with reducing the probability of scar tissue.  Moreover, a quality vitamin creme might assist in the formation of soft, smooth and receptive skin on the shaft and head of the penis.  

Be careful, choose a Tattoo Parlor and artists that has been referred to you.  The best thing you can do is to ask people with tattoos you see and like to tell you "Who did that tattoo"?  Seeing an artist's work before going to the studio is a very good idea!


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