Female Pubic Hair Implants Are Bringing The Bush Back

american apparel bringing pubic hair back

Pubic Hair is starting to be “in” again.

Team Hairy Bush is back.  Women are beginning to let their pubic hair grow and get bushy again as it was in the 70’s and 80’s.  The pubic bush has returned, and contrary to what you read, not everyone is happy about it.

In some Asian cultures, female pubic hair is regarded as a sign of maturity; and with maturity comes fertility.  Women are letting their bush grow longer and untrimmed because they believe more is better.  And for those whose bush isn’t growing back, pubic hair implants are the latest trend.

Cameron Diaz in the USA, has also been espousing that argument.  In her book, “The Body Book”, she disusses female pubic hair and compares it to a curtain:

“Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness,” she writes. “Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer.”

Her second argument is that as women age, the labia (outer lips) continue to grow and stretch (according to “gravity” according to Diaz!) and who wants a set of floppy elephant years sticking out from between your legs?  Female pubic hair serves a purpose, according to Diaz, “as cushion” and as “pretty drapes”.

In the JAMA network study, it was found that almost 84% of women surveyed perform some type of pubic hair trimming, cutting, shaving, or other method of removal.  Interestingly, the study found that pubic hair maintenance can be more dangerous for obese women, but the removal of the hair by all women provides the unplanned benefit of the decrease in rates of pubic hair lice infestations.

Over 62% of the women in the study shave the vagina BALD.  And surveys like this have started the academics talking about the pros and cons of female pubic hair care.


Female pubic hair allegedly prevents vaginal infections and the possible irritation of something rubbing against the bare vagina, by providing a soft layer of protection around the opening of the vagina.  Not trimming also prevents trips to the emergency room for cuts to the vaginal lips, which by the way, accounting for 3% of all ER visits in one European survey!


Trimming pubic hair prevents it from being seen in today’s smaller bathing suits; and especially to add sensitivity during oral sex, and to keep from having the odor that most women (and men) hate from having a sweaty bush.

Most women trim or shave because they think that is how their partners prefer it.  When they “get lazy”, and don’t trim or shave for a while, they often find their partners don’t care – especially in older couples.

And then we come to Korea.  The latest trend taking off in Korea is female pubic hair transplants.  Yes, you read correctly — women are deciding that they don’t have enough natural hair on the vagina, and are going to specialty clinics to have to have pubic hair implants.

Others, according to various reports on the internet, have damaged their pubic hair follicles through waxing, and laser, and constant shaving.  When they chose to grow their hair again, they noticed “bald spots” (now we know how men feel?).  Female pubic hair implants are the method Asian women are turning to to restore their full pubic bush.

female pubic hair implants transplantOne of these clinics is DHI Global in London.  They specialize in taking hair from the back of a man’s head and implanting it in the areas that are balding.  That is their main business.  Until women started visiting the clinic to ask about restorative implants of hair along their pubic area.

However, this technique is not new.  In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Japanese Dr Okuda and Dr Tamura experimented with and founded pubic hair implants techniques that are still in use today.  They also have documented work performing pubic hair transplants, one of which, allegedly, was a burn victim.

The female pubic hair implants procedure costs approximately USD$2,000.  Patients may choose the shape of their new pubic hair pattern.  I wonder what shape they choose most often?

Attention, Ladies of LoveWorks:

coochy cream female pubic hair removerThis trend toward bush pubes may be catching on in some areas with some women.  According to the studies, the older a woman becomes, the more likely she is to NOT trim or shave her pubic area.

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