Duggar Family Relative Amy Duggar Loves Sex Toys

Duggar Family 19 Kids and Counting


The Duggar Family TV Show "19 Kids and Counting" often featured a relative, cousin Amy.  The on screen antics don't give justice to the real wild child that Amy actually is.  Here are a few of the differences between Amy and the rest of the Duggar Family.


1.  Amy wasn't a virgin at marriage.

Amy Duggar Family 19 Kids and Counting

I would have love to be a fly on the wall when that secret was shared at the 19 Kids and Counting estate.  Any activity between a couple, including kisses and hugs, before they get married is strictly forbidden in the Duggar household.  And Amy didn't lose her cherry to her current husband! She lost it to someone else.  You go girl


2.  Amy is forbidden from hanging out with the Duggar Family girls unless it is as the family estate.

Jim Bob sets the rules and he doesn't want Amy to influence the sanctity of the 19 Kids and Counting household!  Amy is not allowed to meet with the 19 Kids and Counting Duggar girls anywhere except the family home and only when Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar are home to supervise.  In 2014, she was billed as a "rising Country star", yee haw.


3.  At her wedding, Amy got the last laugh about not being able to be around the girls.

Amy Duggar Family 19 Kids and Counting

She didn't ask ANY of the Duggar Family "19 Kids and Counting" girls to be in her wedding!  All of the bridesmaids were Amy's friends – No Duggars allowed.


4.  She isn't like the other members of the Duggar Family!  OMG

Just read the headlines:  "Amy and Husband in debt"; "Amy's Husband Sued for $50,000 Back Debt"; "Amy says 19 Kids and Counting is Using Anna's Grief For Ratings"; "Amy wears Bikini in Public on Honeymoon"; "Amy Duggar and Dillon King Having Marriage Problems"; "Amy Dugger and Dillon King decided they needed [marriage] counseling."  This is certainly shaping up to be a good season. 

She even dressed up as a prostitute for one Halloween!  "she went to dinner dressed up like Vivian Ward, Julia Roberts’ prostitute character from Pretty Woman".

amy duggar family 19 Kids and Counting


5.  And Drum Roll Please!  She love Sex Toys and loud sex!

I knew there was a reason I liked her!  "We brought all kinds of sex toys.” “Feathers, oils, strawberries. Kissed every part of my body. The whole resort heard me.”  Yeah, now THAT is the Amy we love!

You have again brought the phrase "sex toys" to the mainstream media, adding more and more acceptance for adult toys.  We salute you and thank you.  And for people who search for the Duggar Family, or 19 Kids and Counting, they will be presented with the phrase "sex toys".  Yeah!


amy duggar family 19 kids and counting sex toys

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