Clone A Willy Kit: If You Care To Send The Very Best!

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For many men it’s a fact of life that in order to provide for your family you will have to be away from home for long periods of time. You may even be serving overseas on a tour of duty, fighting for your homeland.

But long and frequent absences can make it hard to keep your relationship going. The thought of your partner cheating on you while you’re away is likely one of your worst nightmares.

Quite often, there isn’t anything wrong with your relationship, it’s just that loneliness and opportunity are a powerful combination.

But what if there was a way you could do your duty and still be there to take care of your partner’s sexual needs?

Meet the Clone A Willy Kit.clone a willy kit from LoveWorks Sex toys

Empire Labs have developed a kit that allows you to create a perfect copy of your own penis in the comfort of your own home.

The process is elegantly simple.

instructions on how to use the clone a willy kit

The first step is making a mold of your penis using a powder. After a short time, the powder begins to set and you can remove your willy.

A gel is then poured into the mold. After 24 hours, your penis cast is ready to use.

But the clone a willy kit doesn’t end the journey with a simple casting.

You can choose everything from different skin tones to glow in the dark versions, and even create a mold that includes the whole package and not just the shaft, allowing you to make your willy clone as realistic or as fantastical as you wish. 

Although this makes it sound like a novelty, something that you might do for a laugh, the clone a willy is a booming success.

Perhaps the huge sales reflect something that’s long been missing from the sex toy market – personalisation.

Something that really stands out about the clone a willy kit is that it’s possibly the only sex toy that’s genuinely reassuring of your sexual prowess when your partner uses it. After all, it’s not a gargantuan plastic monster with more motors than your car. It’s you. It’s not uncommon for men in a relationship to feel some sort of resentment towards sex toys that can do things that are physically impossible to replicate with flesh and blood – making the clone a willy one of the best ways to maintain intimacy and confidence whilst still exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure.

So whether you’re a trucker, servicemen or just can’t spend as much time at home as you’d like, it’s exciting to know that you can leave a part of yourself behind to hold the fort while you’re away.

You can learn more about the clone a willy kit, or order your own clone a willy kit here

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WHAT IF YOU HAVE A CROOKED PENIS?  We were asked that a few times in the stores, so we decided to include this tip for those guys whose penis is curved more than others.  Follow these instructions for best use.

clone a willy for a crooked curved penis

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