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Here For A Laugh
When people think of LoveWorks, they think of adult toys, lingerie, ya know, all the kinky stuff. The truth is, we have a few things in the store for a good laugh too. (And no, I am not just talking about the giant dildos that you laugh at because it makes you a little uneasy.) Not only does it help break the tension of someone who is uncomfortable, but some of the items make for HILARIOUS white elephant gifts, pranks, or just to have in your own house for someone to find and have a good laugh at.

Blow up dolls hands down are one of the more popular items people buy for a laugh. We have male and female ones. Yes, some people really do buy them for their own personal use, but I believe the majority of people buying them is for some ha ha fun, not some sexy time fun. Of course they make for a good sale in the summer time when people are off to float the river. Or for the end of the night at a bachelor or bachelorette party. I hear of people buying them to slip them into bed with the bride or groom to be, so they wake up with a total WTF happened last night moment.

Lots of Novelties and Gag Gifts to make you laugh; perfect for those special office parties and White Elephant parties.

Browse Novelties here.

Speaking of inflatables, we do carry a giant six foot inflatable penis. Imagine being the guy who brings that to a pool party? It happens! I will never forget one time I was on vacation in New Orleans. Some girl was having her bachelorette party. I ran across her on Bourbon Street of course, and she was passing this giant penis around with a sharpie to allow strangers to write some kind of married life advice on it. It made for some serious fun, and I was a stranger in the event. I have no reciliation as to what I wrote on there, but I can guarentee is was hilarious!

At Christmas time we sell quite a few white elephant gifts. Usually anything funny with a penis or boobs on it. The “saggy balls apron” or “boobie aprons” have been a huge hit every year for as long as I have worked at LoveWorks. (If I were a dude, my time working here, would be long enough to receive the saggy balls apron as a work anniversary gift. LOL!) We also sell quite a few of penis shaped stress squishys, or a pair of boobs called “road titties” to hang off your review mirror instead of a pair of dice.

If you need a much more direct gift, that will get a funny giggle, we also sell bells labeled for specific desires. A keychain bell labeled “bring me my beer” or “show me your tits”. I guess a bell that you “ring for sex” is honestly a gift for both partners. Either way these are hilarious if you have the kind of family that appreciates a little humor.

They make for a laughable add on to an ordinary gift. Happy wedding day! Here is your gift, a toaster a bell ya’ll now get to ring whenever one of you wants sex. LOL!
The sex toys are amazing, and of course we all love them. But the gag gifts are hilarious. We all get a good laugh. On occasion the girls who work in the store will make a witty fake commercial for their snapchats. It is a fun place to be and an excellent place to laugh and have fun.

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